Add wow factor to your outdoor living area with these stunning outdoor pots and planters. Cosh Living offers a wide range of pots and planters by Atelier Vierkant, perfect for accessorising and completing the look of your outdoor space or garden. Our pots and planters have unique designs and aesthetics, and will suit any outdoor area. 

It is easy to make a statement or create a focal point with an oversized pot, or complement the space’s modern look with low and sleek planters. Our outdoor pots and planters are hand-crafted and constructed using unique clay from different regions in Germany. Browse through our collection today and select quality outdoor pots of different sizes, styles, and colours.

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The Joys Of Pots And Planters:

Pots and planters can be used as a borders around a decking area, or as a standalone sculptural piece in the middle of your garden filled with the most beautiful greenery.
Adding modern pots and plants to a small balcony or patio space, will bring it to life and give a relaxed feel to complement your modern outdoor furniture.

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