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Designer Furniture Consultations

Meet with our team to ensure you choose the right furniture for your space and taste. Book a complimentary design consultation and allow our experienced showroom teams to guide you through the process. Schedule a session below to meet with one of our friendly consultants to receive personalised advice on style, materials, layout & more.

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  • Customised Material Schemes

    Many of our furniture collections are made to order. This allows you to select the colours and materials that are just right for your space.

  • Australian & European Textiles

    We have a great selection of materials to choose from for both indoors and out. We want to ensure you feel confident about your selections and excited to bring your vision to life.

  • Qualified Advice Based On Experience

    Our showroom teams are experts in furniture, and their complimentary assistance will make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Our Sydney Design Team

Shane, Giuseppe, Nathaniel, Jules & Thaisy

In Sydney, our diverse team of highly skilled interior designers, have worked closely with numerous clients on various projects; from simply decorating a single room to specifying an entire home of furniture, for both indoors & out.

Based in Alexandria, the 1000m² showroom is carefully curated, filled with great inspiration and coupled with an extensive library of materials, all of which are used to assist in bringing your home to life!

As a well established team in the Sydney market, we are familiar with the various styles and needs of clients both coastal & urban.

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Our Richmond Design Team

Pru, Clare, Andreea & Kirsten

Our talented Richmond team have extensive backgrounds in interior design and textiles. Based on Church Street, they work in the heart of the Melbourne design community.

Excited to share their expertise, the Richmond team will listen, identify your needs and guide the consultation to meet your brief.

The Richmond team have the skillset and vision to bring together carefully selected furniture & finishes to create a functional space that reflects your personal style.

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Our Cheltenham Design Team

Tracy, Nicholas & Anna

Our Cheltenham team have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for furniture, spatial planning & design.

Renowned for their professionalism, patience and customer service, the Cheltenham team will work alongside you with product and fabric knowledge to ensure you choose the correct pieces to achieve the desired vision for your home. Together they have over 50 years of experience in the Melbourne furniture industry.

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Our Brisbane Design Team

Lucy, Luke, Julia & Maddy

The Queensland team are passionate about working with clients to make their dream space a reality by providing furniture that is functional, beautiful and sustainable.

They have a wealth of experience in the design industry in both Australia and New Zealand and have built up an impressive portfolio of work. Specialising in furniture, they have backgrounds in fashion, interior design and architecture.

As a team they are confident to take on any project residential or commercial and are happy to work in Regional Queensland as well as the Brisbane area.

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Our Perth Design Team

Julie & Judia

The Perth showroom team bring a wealth of experience & enthusiasm to designing great outdoor spaces and interiors. Their backgrounds in interior architecture, luxury European furniture and bathroom design ensure the Perth team can help you achieve your dream aesthetic.

With years of in-depth experience collaborating with local industry leaders, this team knows how to assist with furnishing, from large up market contemporary homes to coastal apartment living.

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