Discover Kett, Launched at Denfair 2017

Discover Kett, Launched at Denfair 2017

At the recent Denfair held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, we were so excited to launch our own furniture brand Kett.

The exhibition is primarily focussed on showcasing emerging Australian design and for those fortunate enough to have experienced the internationally acclaimed Milan furniture fair, Denfair is fast becoming Australia’s own mini version.

The response from the Australian design community to the new Kett brand has been overwhelming, and the Cosh Living team look forward to having many of the new products on display in showrooms late July / early August.

Cosh directors Shane Sinnott and Colin Kupke, after a decade of success in supplying modern contemporary outdoor furniture into the Australian market, were motivated to start their own indoor furniture brand focussed on meeting the demands of the same type of client and providing a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors.

Kett is the embodiment of this vision; a new brand in the Interior landscape with a dedicated studio whose work is defined by a subtle yet sophisticated palette of materials, tones, colours and form.

The new Kett brand started some 18 months ago when Shane and Colin were introduced to leading Industrial Designer Justin Hutchinson and the foundations of the design studio were set in place.

Justin’s furniture career to date has helped define some of our most loved landmarks and has been recognised internationally as well as in exhibitions such as Melbourne Now, presented at the National Gallery of Victoria. His experience spans almost two decades from production hand, in-house designer, lecturer, consultant and businessman into a highly-experienced Design Director who with the support of his team knows how to execute every detail.

In setting up the Kett design studio in the beautiful surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent, Justin looked for some of the best young talent around. After graduating top of their class from Swinburne University, Vincent Marsh and Theodore Maddigan bring a diverse perspective into the Kett studio.

Vincent has honed his skills as a product engineer, helping develop and document the extensive collections, from commissioning tooling in cast alloys to helping prototype the more hand crafted timber and upholstered products.

Theodore brings an incredible passion and attention to detail to every aspect of the brand journey, from user centred experience with the roll out of the new Cosh stores to the development of all Kett marketing collateral.

The team set about defining the internal processes of the studio whilst working closely with Cosh Directors Shane and Colin, whose energy and enthusiasm for quality design are contagious.

Kett celebrates an Australian way of life; drawing inspiration from our natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities.

As part of the inaugural release in 2017, Kett Studio drew inspiration from the beautiful Victorian coastline from Point Addis to Johanna beach. In all, five new collections were presented this year at Denfair, namely Addis, Aireys, Johnna, Otway and Wye.

Each of the collections is defined by a specific colour, shape and form that is a representation of the Australian landscape from those regions.

Cosh currently have showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and are opening a new Perth showroom in August this year.






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