Our Reupholstery Service: Reviving Your Furniture

Our reupholstery service allows our clients to refresh their spaces without the need to acquire new pieces, emphasising both enduring style and sustainability. This thoughtful approach breathes new life into designer furniture, so you can get the most out of your Cosh furniture for many more years to come.

Designer Furniture, Built To Last

Investing in a Cosh Living piece means investing in quality furniture that is built for longevity. Our indoor and outdoor furniture features timeless design, crafted from premium materials.

Bring Your Favourite Piece Back to Life

Over time, some upholstery can begin to look tired. This is a sign of a piece well-loved. Upholstery is the primary element which comes into contact with our bodies, food and drink spills and the weather - and can age over time due to sun exposure, infrequent cleaning and high traffic use. Additionally, interior tastes can evolve over time, and with our reupholstery service, your designer furniture can evolve with it.

A Sustainable Approach

In many cases, the internal frames, foams and structure of your Cosh Living furniture are still performing, and it is solely the upholstery that needs refreshing. Whether a family room sofa or an outdoor daybed, this is a cost-effective and sustainable approach to breathe new life into your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the reupholstery done?

Our skilled upholsterers are based in Melbourne, and transport of your item will be coordinated to our workshop.

What fabrics can I choose from?

When using our reupholstery service, our clients have the opportunity to choose from an array of new upholstery options, ensuring that the revived furniture aligns seamlessly with your preferences. If our clients are looking for the same upholstery fabric or leather that the item was originally created in, these may not always be available. Our friendly staff are happy to take you through the options.

How long does reupholstery take?

The lead time on reupholstery depends on the item, scale of the project, and availability of chosen upholstery. Please allow at least 4 weeks + delivery for outdoor items and 8 weeks + delivery for indoor items.

How much is reupholstery?

Reupholstery costs vary based on the size of the item, the upholstery fabric or leather selection and difficulty of the task. Delivery costs will also be incurred to ship the item to our workshop and back to you.

I only have an issue with a small section of my item. Do I need to do a complete reupholster, or can you do a repair?

In some cases, a complete reupholster may not be necessary. We may be able to repair a section of your item, but this depends greatly on the issue at hand. Please fill out our form below with images detailing the issue and we will see what can be done to best assist you.