Outdoor Pots

Complete your indoor or outdoor living area with these stunning pots and sculptures by Atelier Vierkant. Cosh Living offers a very wide range of planters in various colours and textures, perfect for accessorising and personalising the look of your home.

Make a statement or create a focal point with a sculptural oversized pot, or create dimension in your contemporary outdoor entertaining area with these beautiful planters. All pots are hand-crafted and constructed using unique clay from different regions in Germany. Browse through our collection of outdoor pots today to find the right style, size and colour to suit your garden or project.

Selecting Outdoor Pots

Outdoor pots serve as both functional and artistic components of outdoor design. Scale and proportion play a pivotal role in shaping the visual impact of outdoor pots. Oversized pots make a bold statement, creating focal points and adding a sense of grandeur to expansive outdoor areas. Conversely, clusters of smaller pots can be strategically placed to define pathways and accentuate specific architectural features. Achieving the right balance ensures that the pots become integral components, seamlessly woven into the fabric of your outdoor space.

Atelier Vierkant

During nearly three decades, Atelier Vierkant has been making outdoor pots. What started out as a modest run of square ceramic planters in a backgarden greenhouse has turned into an elaborate workshop facility. Today, the assortment from Atelier Vierkant takes all kinds of shapes, sizes, textures and colours, thanks to a continuous source of creativity and imagination. With one material, clay, the designers and craftsmen continue to invent original works loved the world over - the earthy tones and natural texture add tactility and connection.

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The Joy Of Outdoor Pots & Planters

Pots and planters can be used as a borders around a decking area, or as a standalone sculptural piece in the middle of your garden filled with beautiful greenery. Adding modern outdoor pots and plants to a small balcony or patio space will bring it to life, lift the whole area and complement your modern outdoor furniture.

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