Cosh At Home

 Do you want to try out our furniture in your home, before committing to a purchase?
Try our Cosh Living App! 

Using the camera on your phone or iPad, our app scans your space, and allows you to place scaled models within it - appearing as though the furniture is really there. 
Browse our collections, play with the layout, change colours - it's easy and done with a few taps of your finger. 

The app is easy to use.

1. Download Cosh Living AR from the App Store 

2. Browse the collections, and select desired product

3. Follow instructions for 'scanning' your space

4. The item will appear on your screen. Move it into the required position by dragging your finger across the screen.

Have a play! Swivel the item using two fingers to make sure that it is perfectly positioned. The colour of the item can be changed simply by touching the screen options.

When ready to add other pieces simply push the + button on the screen which will return you to the products menu for selection.

Place the new item alongside your previous item and move them all into position. 
If you want to try a different product or furniture collection, move all current products into the trash basket and return to the products page to begin selections once again.

Once you are satisfied with your selections, you can move closer with your device to see more detail, and 'walk around' the furniture to see it from all angles. 

See below video for a quick demonstration.