Unveiling Luxury: Tribù's Flagship Store in Los Angeles

Unveiling Luxury: Tribù's Flagship Store in Los Angeles

Tibu are thrilled to announce the grand opening of their flagship store in the renowned West Hollywood Design District of Los Angeles.

Their expansive 5,000 square-foot showroom showcases an immersive Tribù experience, conceived as a haven for inspiring encounters and creative engagement. This marks a historic moment as their first-ever permanent, exclusively Tribù store, affirming their unwavering dedication to design excellence and understated luxury. Meticulously curated collections and accessories offer a captivating, sensory shopping journey, harmonising seamlessly with the unique design tastes of their Southern California clientele.

Tibu Los Angles Flagship StoreNodi SofaAmanu Lounge ChairHexagon Low Tables by Tribu

Los Angeles serves as the perfect setting for Tribù's first standalone showroom. Recognised as the birthplace of indoor-outdoor living, thanks to its year-round temperate climate, the city epitomises the spirit of unhurried, graceful living that defines the Tribù ethos. Los Angeles thrives as a cultural hub with a vibrant architectural and design community, and a dynamic creative class that embraces international style and forward-thinking design.

Tibu Los Angles Flagship Store

Belgian architect and interior designer Marc Merckx, who serves as Tribu's Creative Director, has masterfully crafted the design concepts, drawing inspiration from Mid Century design icons such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra. The showroom resonates with Tribù's timeless and discreet luxury philosophy, featuring a neutral colour palette, textured surfaces, and a focus on natural materials, including Muschelkalk stone tiles, hand-applied stucco, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and hemp ceiling coverings. The result is an embodiment of refined craftsmanship that gracefully merges European sensibilities with the distinct aesthetics of the Pacific Coast.

Tibu Los Angles Flagship StoreAmanu TableElio Armchairby Tribu

Their commitment to fostering relationships and delivering excellence underpins every facet of their business. They've grown methodically and with intention, handpicking partners across more than 88 countries globally, ensuring the bedrock of enduring partnerships. In Los Angeles, their choice for a partner was none other than Ron Safran, a fellow third-generation, family-owned outdoor brand leader. Tribù CEO Koen De Cock shares his sentiments, "When Ron presented the proposed location for our new showroom, I had an instant connection. As someone who values beautiful properties, I was immediately captivated by the space's layout and ambiance. While we contemplated other cities, Ron's enthusiasm for L.A. was contagious, compelling them to take the plunge. After a brief video call with his father and brother, they sealed the deal with a handshake. Looking back, it was the best decision they could have made. He is grateful to have their flagship space in Los Angeles, where they can share their vision and passion for their brand." 

Tibu Los Angles Flagship StoreRon Safran adds, "Our most successful endeavours often stem from strong, personal relationships. We bring furniture into your home, into outdoor spaces where family congregates, and cherished afternoons unfold. This sense of connection begins with our own business relationships and extends through the experience of engaging with our brand. We couldn't be more delighted to embark on this new chapter with the Tribù family."

Tibu Los Angles Flagship StorePure SofaNomad Easy ChairT-Table Dining TableRoots Side Table by Tribu

The Tribù product portfolio boasts contributions from some of the world's most esteemed designers. One noteworthy highlight is Italian product designer Monica Armani's Ukiyo, an exquisite teak collection inspired by the graceful brushstrokes of classic Japanese calligraphy. Multidisciplinary designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg have lent their expertise to the transitional teak styling of Amanu, along with the versatile, modular Nodi. Additionally, the Senja Collection from Studio Segers, an award-winning Belgian architecture and product design team, is on display.

Tibu Los Angles Flagship StoreVis a Vis TablesAmanu Armchair  by Tribu

The launch of their flagship store is a monumental milestone for their brand, with a grand opening scheduled for September. We extend our biggest congratulations to the Tribù team

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