5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space

5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Illuminate Your Space

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a space. Outdoor areas can rely on natural lighting for a large part of the day, but when daylight dims and you’re looking to create a specific mood, carefully considered outdoor lighting is a must. Whether you’re looking to craft a cosy and intimate space or a modern and elegant area, Cosh Living’s range of outdoor lighting options has something perfect for you.

For those craving the intimacy and warmth of real candlelight, the DALA Lanterns, designed by Stephen Burks are available in three sizes and are the perfect complement to any outdoor area. Hand-woven from the richly textured strands of DEDON’s groundbreaking new environmentally-friendly fibre, their open weaving allows light through and their elegant, handmade leather handle allows them to be either hung or placed to add subtle sophistication to your space. 

DALA Lanterns by DEDONDALA Lanterns designed by Stephen Burks for DEDON

If the elegance of timber is what your outdoor space has been lacking, the LOON Floor Lamps designed by Sebastian Herkner and available in small and large, are the perfect solution. Their premium teak frames bring class and personality to your outdoor settings, while the warm, cosy ambient glow they cast tempers it with cosiness. Their eight brightness/dimness settings allow you to choose the perfect amount of light, and their rechargeable LEDs will run for ten hours at maximum brightness (longer when on a dimmer setting).

LOON lanterns by DEDONLOON Floor Lamps designed by Sebastian Herkner for DEDON 

Are you looking to add sophistication to your outdoor setting? The Monsieur Tricot Lighting, designed by Ilia Eckardt, should be your first choice. These distinctive knitted and crocheted standing and hanging lamps are a fusion of traditional techniques with modern high-performance technology. Their design is inspired by Ilia’s experiences in the Belgian fashion scene. The battery-powered LED lamps provide a warm glow, cast beautiful shadows and can be controlled via an app, allowing you to create groups, timers and more. The range is available in different shapes, knitting styles and colours, including Linen, Moss, and Brick. 

Monsieur Tricot Lighting by TribuMonsieur Tricot Lighting by Tribu

THE OTHERS Lanterns by Stephen Burke blurs the line between outdoor lantern and decorative art. These playful hand-woven sculptures, available in a range of colours and sizes, add a whimsical touch when scattered through an outdoor setting. For those looking to add a touch of mischief, there’s the option to pair them with hand-made acrylic eyes. THE OTHERS range contains both hanging and free-standing designs, with the standing models featuring a marble base treated to prevent moisture absorption. 

THE OTHERS LanternsTHE OTHERS Lanterns designed by Stephen Burke for DEDON

Is your terrace an extension of your home, a place where you want to relax in a cosy atmosphere? The Tribu Lanterns made from thermally strengthened glass and stunning teak, are the ideal addition; these cozy lanterns will warm up both your space and your mood. Vary your lighting by combining the two available sizes and experimenting with how many candles you place in them, or play with positioning. The hangers and optional teak support allow you to position them at height while keeping them at ground level can create a lower, more intimate feel.

Tribu Lanterns Tribu Lanterns by Tribu

Designing your perfect outdoor space can be a challenge. Let Cosh Living help bring your vision to reality by providing the perfect lighting solution, as well as a wide range of furniture and accessories to bring your outdoor space to life.  Visit one of our showrooms or contact us today.

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