A Celebration Of Our Australian Designers and Production

A Celebration Of Our Australian Designers and Production

At Cosh, we take immense pride in our Australian brands, their designers, and the outstanding production teams that bring their visions to life. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation has established them as leaders in the Australian furniture industry.

From the Kett design studio and the Cosh factory to our local manufacturers and brand partnerships, we celebrate the exceptional people and meticulous processes behind our beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture, and lighting, showcasing the dedication and passion of our teams.

  Above: Johanna Sofa & Johanna Occasional Chair by Kett

Kett Design Studio

Originally born amongst the green surrounds of the Abbotsford Convent, Kett’s Design Studio has now relocated to Brunswick, Melbourne—an area with a rich history of craftsmanship, from textiles to glassware, ceramics, and brick.

Above: Justin Hutchinson & the design team in their Brunswick studio 

Each day, design director Justin Hutchinson leads a talented team of designers who embrace the challenges that shape Kett’s timeless furniture collections. They collaborate to create innovative furniture that meets the highest standards of functionality and style, informed by the Australian lifestyle.

Above: Material details inside the Kett studio

The team sources only the highest quality materials, striving for designs that enrich everyday life. Each Kett piece results from numerous small innovations, achieving an uncompromising level of authenticity and precision. Justin and his team focus on reductionism, employing sketching, paring back, and cultivating a clear direction for each piece.

Kett Timber Studio

Kett believes that skilled craftspeople are vital to the success of the brand, as knowledge and techniques are passed from one maker to the next. 

Above: The Portaland table being finalised in Ketts local timber studio 

Kett’s Australian-made pieces are handcrafted by our local team of skilled woodworkers who are dedicated to excellence in every detail.Their expertise ensures that each piece not only meets the highest standards of quality and durability but also embodies the spirit of Australian craftsmanship.

 Above: Details of the Portland collection

Cosh Factory 

Our factory, located in Bayswater, Melbourne, is where the final stages of our production process take place. Here, our skilled team manages upholstery, pattern making and cutting, and sewing for all our indoor and outdoor furniture. Each piece is upholstered to order in-house, ensuring the highest quality.

Above: Cosh living's Bayswater factory

The success of our products is driven by the talented and dedicated individuals who bring these designs to life.

Above: Assembling the final stages of a made-to-order Feathertop Sofa

Their expertise and commitment to excellence are evident in every piece we produce, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship that defines Cosh.

Above: inside the sewing room at Cosh living's Bayswater factory


Cantilever is renowned for its exceptional manufacturing processes. They believe in producing locally, acting mindfully, minimising waste, and designing products that will stand the test of time.

Above: Cantilevers workshop in Brunswick East, Melbourne

The Frame collection by Kett is made through Cantilever, with each piece crafted with precision to ensure stability and longevity. Prioritising design, quality, and sustainability, their team is united by a commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

Above: Justin Hutchinson from Kett, and Kylie and Travis from Cantilever, in front of their Edit Kitchen Collaboration in the Richmond showroom.


We recently partnered with Australian heritage lighting brand Rakumba, whose collections draw inspiration from narratives—stories from collaborators and our own passions.

Above: CEO Michael Murray & Head of Design, Dan Treacy from Rakumba

With a European feel and a multicultural background like our Australian home, Rakumba merges design and technology into their essence of "Making Beauty." This drives their creation of iconic lighting pieces.

Mito Floor Lamp Indoor Furniture RakumbaAbove: Mito Floor Lamp alongside Kett's furniture collections in the Elwood project 

Their design ethos, described as 'effortless complexity,' strives for technically advanced products that offer unexpected performance, meticulous detail, and visual perfection.

The Essence of Australian Made Furniture

Our dedication to local manufacturing supports the Australian economy and ensures the highest standards of quality control. When you choose our Australian pieces, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a piece of Australia’s rich design heritage.

Above: Cosh Living Richmond Showoorm with Kett's furniture collections, Frame Living system and Metropol by Rakumba 

At Cosh we celebrate the extraordinary talent of our Australian designers and the meticulous craftsmanship of our production teams. Their dedication to creating exceptional furniture is what makes our brands leaders in the Australian furniture industry.

Discover the difference that Australian craftsmanship can make in your home with– where quality meets exceptional design. 

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