Rakumba now available at Cosh Living

Rakumba now available at Cosh Living

We're thrilled to share our latest partnership with Rakumba, Australia’s heritage luxury lighting brand.

Renowned for seamlessly merging tradition with innovation, Rakumba's collections are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and design finesse, adding a touch of sophistication to a myriad of spaces.

Now featured in all Cosh Living showrooms, Rakumba's collections are displayed alongside our indoor and outdoor furniture, bringing a beautiful and warm ambiance to each showroom.
Rakumba now at Cosh LivingAbove: Potter DS by Rakumba 
For more than five decades, the essence of Rakumba has centred around their ethos of 'making beauty.' This ethos is the driving force behind their brand, artisans, and designers, shaping a design legacy marked by iconic lighting pieces.

The pursuit of ‘making beauty’, though appearing straightforward, is fuelled by a passion for crafting pieces characterised by technical complexity in designs that appear effortless. 

Above: Indre by Rakumba

Rakumba At Cosh LivingAbove: Metropol Wall Light by Rakumba  

Rakumba collaborates with Australian and international designers of global renown to create highly original and rigorously authentic designs. With names like Adam Goodrum, Sebastian Herkner, and Tom Fereday in their design lineup, Rakumba consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship in the world of lighting.

Above:: Hangman by Rakumba 
Rakumba at Cosh Living Above: Metropol by Rakumba  
Like many of the collections at Cosh Living, Rakumba radiates a European charm, driven by meticulous local craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials. This partnership signifies a convergence of shared values, dedicated to delivering timeless elegance to Australian homes.
Rakumba at Cosh Living Above: Highline by Rakumba  
Rakumba's lighting collections offer a range of materials and finishes to choose from, allowing for personalisation and creating a seamless integration into your home and with your furniture. 
Rakumba now at Cosh Living Above: Mito by Rakumba  
Whether it takes on the role of focused task illumination in a study like their Hangman Lamp, casting a soft, inviting radiance in the heart of the living room from the Indre collection, or elegantly suspended above a kitchen bench as a minimal linear form like the Highline, the addition of lighting infuses life into the room, collaborating with furniture to amplify the warmth of your space, offering distinct benefits from each illuminative character.
Rakumba at Cosh Living Above: Indre Lamp by Rakumba  
With the introduction of Rakumba, Cosh Living invites you to furnish your entire home in one place. This partnership marks a celebration of shared values, a dedication to craftsmanship, and an opportunity to elevate your spaces through our curated selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, and now, lighting. Bringing a fusion of heritage, contemporary designs and timeless elegance to Australian homes.
Above: Metropol by Rakumba  
Speak with one of our expert design consultants about a complimentary interior styling service and let us help you transform your space into one that reflects your unique taste with our extensive range of indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting.
Rakumba now at Cosh LivingAbove: Scope by Rakumba
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