Malvern's Mediterranean Sanctuary: Haverbrack Avenue project

Malvern's Mediterranean Sanctuary: Haverbrack Avenue project

Jack Merlo, the visionary landscape architect behind the remarkable 'Haverbrack' project, has made a significant impact on Australia's landscape architecture scene. His expertise in crafting breathtaking outdoor spaces, characterised by beauty, harmony, and sustainability, has earned him acclaim in the field. 

Haverbrack by Jack Merlo

Collaborating closely with clients, landscape architect Jack Merlo and his team have transformed the luxurious Haverbrack Avenue outdoor space into a beautiful and functional Mediterranean-inspired sanctuary. Embracing a sandy beige palette with olive trees intended to create the perfect shady retreat, 'Haverbrack' emphasises both structural and soft landscaping. 

Haverbrack Avenue by Jack MerloA Pots by  Atelier Vierkant

With outdoor furniture from Cosh Living, this space has been transformed into an inviting and functional area, perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests just in time for summer. 

Haverbrack Avenue by Jack Merlo
Tosca Lounge ChairTosca Side TableDrops Side Table by Tribu  

Client involvement was key to the project's success. Their owner’s goal was to enhance their high-end home's exterior, which fell short of their standards. They retained elements like the pool and building while working closely with Jacks's design team to realise their vision. The project involved presenting various concepts to the clients and seeking their feedback on colour palettes and materials. They settled on a warm off-white colour and travertine-like tiles, with neutral timber decking. 

Haverbrack Avenue by Jack MerloAddis Alu Sofa by Kett

The choice of outdoor furniture and large clay pots from Cosh Living was crucial to achieving both beauty and scale. The furniture selection considered the clients' functional needs, including lounge pieces and daybeds from the renowned European outdoor furniture brand Tribu. Additionally, the larger-than-life clay pots from Atelier Vierkant provided the perfect structural support for advanced olive trees, which were selected for their appealing foliage and suitability for the Mediterranean-inspired project. To soften the pots' appearance and create a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement, cascading rosemary plants were added.

Haverbrack Avenue by Jack Merlo

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