A place of great respite and creativity: Kett’s Frame Office and Aire Desk

A place of great respite and creativity: Kett’s Frame Office and Aire Desk

Australian brand Kett is committed to producing innovative, locally-made furniture that doesn't compromise on materials. This commitment is exemplified in two latest releases: the Frame Office and Aire Desk, designed by Kett’s head designer Justin Hutchinson.

Designed in response to the growing reality of remote work, they offer a flexible solution to custom joinery that is highly functional. The Frame Office and Aire Desk speak to changing world around us, responding to an increasing desire from Australian consumers that want to invest more in more sustainable, long-lasting products. 

The years 2020-2021 demonstrated our ability to adapt quickly in times of crisis, and technology emphasised how easily we can connect and share work with others. As a result, many individuals recognised the benefits of remote work and have adopted a shift in what the traditional workday looks like. Designer Justin Hutchinson recognised the need for our living spaces to evolve. Alongside our changing attitudes towards where work can take place, he notes that “As we spend more time at home, our traditional rooms dissolve, and we require new solutions that offer more flexibility.” While Justin appreciates that traditional custom joinery will always have a place, he was concerned with issues of cost, time, and incompatibility for rental homes. Frame Office evolved a suitable and robust solution for every household, whether in a rental apartment in the city or a forever home on the coast.

Frame Office by KettFrame Office by KettFrame Office and Aire Desk pictured above in a Natural Oak finish with a 'Mangrove' powder coat and below in Light walnut with powder coat finish in 'City'.

Frame Office allows you to create your own office space in any area of the home using as little as three of its 60cm panels, which are large enough to include powder-coated aluminium shelving, a linen pinboard and an optional Aire Desk. If working with a larger area, Frame allows you to add additional shelving, cupboard, drawers and even a secondary desk if desired. The Frame Office lookbook available showcases 14 example configurations that demonstrate a wide range of possibilities when it comes to­­ materiality, colour schemes, size and layouts.

Frame Office bu Kett

The design process of Frame Office was strongly influenced by Kett's commitment to longevity, which plays a significant role in the business’s ethos. Just like our other valuable belongings, Frame should also possess the ability to effortlessly travel with us as we progress through life. Thanks to Frame’s innovative connection systems, it not only offers precise and sturdy installation for various interior walls but facilitates the ability to be disassembled and transported when we move. 

Frame office by Kett

The level of detail that has gone into the finishes of Frame Office and Aire Desk considers sustainability, luxury, creativity and a seamless ability to integrate everyday technology. The timber backing component is created from wood fibre derived from well-managed forests and does not contain polluting agents such as phenols, PVC or melamine or any added formaldehyde, meaning it doesn’t contain any plastics, unlike your regular laminate and vinyl. This Australian-made innovative wood panelling has an almost identical look and texture to timber and is much lighter than traditional timber panelling making it a perfect choice for a mounted wall unit. 

Porcelain, which is used throughout Kett's collections, offers a luxurious and highly durable finish that allows you to place your coffee cup directly onto the surface without worrying about stains. This smooth to the touch material, which is utilised on the cupboard’s surfaces, offers the same marble look and more practicality at a much lower price point.

Frame Office Frame Office finished in 'Natural Oak' with a 'Mangrove' powder coat & 'Bianco Statuario' porcelain finish.The fixed  Aire desk is stained in Light Walnut with 'Ultimo Oliva' Leather inlay.

Justin Hutchinson's vision of Frame was not only to produce a beautiful home office but envisioned Frame as a “functional work of art that constantly changes through our daily interactions”. Frame’s robust structure allows the slimline powder-coated shelves to hold up to 20kg each and the cupboard up to 80kg. With all our office supplies, technology, collectibles, and art that may find a place on the Frame Office, it ensures the stability all these items need and more. Frame Office by KettThe powder coat colour options which make up the aluminium components in Frame Office are curated in-house and inspired by the rich tones found in the Australian natural landscape. ‘Inside looking out’ is how Justin describes Kett’s this collection of finishes which present as sophisticated, earthy and modern and embody a timeless quality that makes them flexible to many interior aesthetics.

The Aire Desk, handcrafted from solid oak, is complimentary to Frame Office. Designed as a stand-alone or fixed model, Aire Desk exudes elegance with slightly tapered legs, a curved tabletop and hydro-formed leather inlay.

Aire DeskAire Desk by KettAire Desk pictured above in Natural Stain with  Soft to touch leather inlay in 'Brusio Barley'.Frame Office by KettFram Office and Aire Desk pictured with another one of Kett's pieces, the Otway Armchair in matching 'Light Walnut' stain and 'Ultimo Oliva'.

The fixed model which fixes to Frame office, cleverly conceals cables and technology underneath the table in a purpose-designed steel subsurface tray. Like Frame Office, Aire Desk can be customised in one of Kett’s curated timber stain finishes and leather options which link back to the natural colours of the Australian landscape.

Frame Office by Kett

Both Frame Office and Aire Desk are manufactured in Australia with long-standing partners that have been producing Kett furniture since their first collection back in 2015. Local manufacturing not only offers a lower carbon footprint and a fast 7-10 week turnaround but ensures the longevity of pieces knowing they are crafted by highly skilled individuals and with high attention to detail.

A lot of work has gone into the designing process of Frame Office and Aire Desk to produce two exceptional pieces that not only offer a seamless furniture solution for the home office or professional workplace but are carefully considered in their use of materials, craftsmanship and timeless appeal. With the creation of Frame, we see how furniture can serve not only for a functional purpose but as an experience and in Justin’s words “a place of great respite, creativity, and productivity". 

Frame Office and Aire Desk are exclusively available at Cosh Living

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