Celebrate The Art Of Distillation With The Amanu Collection

Celebrate The Art Of Distillation With The Amanu Collection

AMANU, an outdoor furniture collection put forth by Yabu Pushelburg for Tribu. In their third collaboration with leading design house Tribu, the duo sought to craft pieces that were reflective of everyday leisure. Choosing to honour the art of refinement, the studio used time advantageously to perfect the Amanu collection to its most elemental form that, now complete, radiates purity and serenity.

This furniture collection comprises of three pieces that speak to the essentials needed to craft an outdoor entertaining space, and live life well outdoors. Each piece explores the natural beauty and durability that teak furniture provides. This material has been carefully selected to establish an ambience that feels natural, warm and inviting. Teak silvers over time and is a popular choice for a relaxed Australian outdoor look. Generous proportions are the trait that truly defines this collection.

Pictured is the Amanu Dining Table and Armchairs. Its teak frame and natural Canax backrest embody understated elegance and refinement, the defining characteristics of the collection. 

Amanu Table

What is more elemental than the feeling of togetherness?

The Amanu Dining Table, whilst being generously proportioned to accommodate a large group, has also been designed and executed in a manner that forges closeness and unity of the guests seated around it. The dining table is easily distinguishable through its harmonious balance between its lightweight rounded teak frame and its ceramic tile tabletop. Tied together by their form, they convey a soft composition that speaks directly to the well-established tendency of its designers.   

Amanu Outdoor Dining Table and chairsThe Amanu Dining Table shows the beauty of minimalism. A simple frame allows for form and materials to take centre stage. 

Amanu Armchair

Bringing interior quality outside and combining comfort with sustainability, were key aspects of this collection, specifically for the Amanu Armchair.  To further reflect everyday leisure and accentuate comfort, the designers crafted sling seats that appear to float from its slim, rounded teak frame. Crafted from hemp based Canax®, that has been sourced through a sustainably managed Indonesian plantation, the sling seats offer extreme comfort. The seats are met with cutting edge design that provides elegance through its slightly tapered legs and rounded edge features. It is this design that is reflective of the elemental thread tying each piece in the collection together. 

Amanu Armchair for the outdoorsThe golden sun cast across the armchair accentuates the materiality so heavily present in this collection.   

Amanu Lounge Chair

Offering the same cutting edge design features as its equal, the armchair, this lounge is the ultimate place for unwinding and making the most of your everyday leisure. With a slightly wider and deeper frame, the lounge chair is seamlessly reflective of this collections’ defining characteristic, generous proportions. Take a load off inside the Amanu Lounge Chair and really enjoy what life has to offer through this high-quality outdoor collection.

Amanu outdoor lounge and occassional chairThe width of the lounge chair ensures the utmost comfort. Perfect for enjoying a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  
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