Apartment 7, Merano

Apartment 7, Merano

Apartment 7 is a breath of fresh air in every sense – dynamic architecture, modernist, monochrome interiors and a spectacular pool terrace furnished with Tribù Natal Alu lounge chairs and sun lounges on the roof.

Five individually designed apartments by Marx Ladurner Architects give lucky guests exclusive access to the infinity pool, the ideal spot to revive body and spirit, surrounded by spectacular views of Italy. Tribù’s adjustable Natal Alu loungers line the black-stone pool, a striking contrast to the pale weathered-timber deck. Matching Natal Alu easy chairs complete the look.

Each apartment has beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows to fully appreciate the wide-open mountain scenery. Those with private terraces are again furnished with Natal Alu loungers, seamlessly connecting interior and exterior spaces.

Interior designer for the project Nadine Bauer of ArchiFaktur chose the Tribu Natal Alu collection as the perfect extension of her interior schemes. “The furniture stands out through its sophistication without being obtrusive and perfectly rounds off the harmony between interior and exterior space. Definitely furniture to fall in love with and linger in.”

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