Apollo by Kett

Apollo: Embracing Indoor Comfort with Outdoor Living

Ocean waves roll along the shoreline, whilst sunlight dances in the ocean spray.
We are thrilled to present Apollo, the latest outdoor furniture collection designed by Justin Hutchinson for the Australian furniture brand Kett. Drawing inspiration from the rolling waves along the shoreline of Apollo Bay, this newly released outdoor lounge set seamlessly merges the essence and comfort of indoor furniture with the resilience required for outdoor living. Meticulously constructed using robust and enduring materials, Apollo is designed to withstand the harshest elements whilst offering an irresistibly cosy and inviting outdoor lounging experience.
Apollo Outdoor Sofa by Kett
Apollo Three Seater in Ciara base, Aireys Ciarra Weave & Tagika, Nature Grey Category 2 Fabric.
Compromising a lounge chair and two- and three-seater sofa, the Apollo outdoor collection is designed with practicality and comfort in mind. The seat and back cushions are constructed using all-weather reticulated foams and enveloped in a layer of 200 grams of Dacron offering excellent breathability and drainage and a delightful sense of comfort.
Apollo Outdoor Sofa by Kett
Skilfully made with a combination of cut foams, the back cushions have a soft and opulent feel that ensures utmost comfort when reclining. To further enhance the seating experience, an accompanying lumbar cushion offers additional support to the lower back allowing effortless adjustment of the sofa depth, this feature guarantees both comfort and customisation, elevating the overall seating experience. Similarly, the seat cushion is designed with a composition of five different foams and material densities. This thoughtful construction considers not only the initial sitting experience but provides ongoing comfort and ease of getting up from the sofa.
Apollo outdoor Lounge Chair by Kett
Apollo Lounge Chair in Shell Powder coated base, Aireys Shell Weave &  Tagika, Nature Grey Category 2 Fabric.
Paying close attention to detail, every piece in the Apollo collection is uniquely handcrafted using Twitchell fibre, meticulously woven onto a powder-coated aluminium frame by our skilled artisan partners in Indonesia. The intricate handwoven process for a lounge chair takes approximately 22 hours and uses 260 metres while a 3-seater sofa can take up to 40 hours to complete.
Apollo Weaving Process
Apollo is handwoven by our skilled Indonesian partners.  
Available in two powder coat colours, Shell and Ciarra, the Apollo collection offers a wide range of curated outdoor upholstery fabrics for personalisation to suit your space. Apollo is now available to view at any Cosh Living Showroom, Speak to our team or book a design consultation and discuss styling ideas for your outdoor space.
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