Bringing Resort-Style Luxury to your Home

Bringing Resort-Style Luxury to your Home

The allure of resort living, with its blend of luxury, comfort, and escape, is more appealing than ever. But what if you could capture this essence in your own home? Creating a resort-like atmosphere in your living space is about more than just aesthetics; it's about crafting an environment that evokes relaxation and luxury. 

Let’s explore how you can transform your home into a luxurious personal retreat, drawing inspiration from resort-style living and incorporating unique Australian design elements.

Dedon Outdoor FurnitureAbove: AHNDA Wing Chair & DALA Lanterns by Dedon 

What are the Essentials for Creating a Resort-like Atmosphere at Home?

The key to creating a resort-like atmosphere highlight elements that stimulate relaxation and a sense of luxury. This includes incorporating plush furnishings, side tables, soothing colour palettes, and natural materials that evoke a serene setting. 

Yo Table by Lapama & Otway Lounge Chair by KettAbove: Yo Side Table by Lapalma & Otway Fabric Lounge Chair by Kett (Photography by Scott Burrows)

Use textures and colours that reflect a natural, earthy palette for a soothing effect. Incorporate artwork or decor pieces that have a vacation-like feel, and consider an open-plan layout to create a sense of spaciousness and flow. 

Otway Timber Dining Table, Otway Dining Chairs by Kett & Velis Barstools by PotoccoAbove: Otway Timber Dining Tables, Otway Armchair by Kett & Velis Barstool by Potocco (Photography by Scott Burrows)

Attention to detail is crucial. Think soft lighting and plush upholstery for sofas and armchairs, as they play a key part in how inviting your space feels. Additionally, integrating elements of nature, such as plants inside hand made ceramic pots, water features, along with ottomans, can enhance the overall feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Otway Modular Sofa, Otway Coffee Table with Johanna Ottoman by KettAbove: Otway Modular Sofa, Otway Round Coffee Tables Timber & Johanna Ottomans by Kett (Photography by Scott Burrows)

How Can I Transform My Outdoor Space into a Luxurious Retreat?

With surrounding established garden, your outdoor space is an ideal setting to recreate the luxurious ambiance of a resort. Start by selecting high-quality outdoor furniture to create areas to relax, such as dining table and chairs or an inviting outdoor sofa set. 

Ukiyo Dining Table & mood Armchairs by Mood
Above: Ukiyo Dining Table & Mood Armchair by Mood 

Create a focal point, such as a fire pit or an elegant water feature, and surround it with lush greenery or colorful exotic potted plants to enhance the retreat-style aesthetic.

Atelier Vierkant EM Pots
Above: EM Pots by Atelier Vierkant

If you have a large space to work with, adding a statement piece from the SWINGREST collection is a great way to create a resort like atmosphere. 

Swingrest by DEODN

Additionally, make sure you don't neglect lighting; ensure you can spend a warm night outdoors by creating a cosy setting or lighting up a pathway to guide your way to your retreat-style garden with soft, ambient outdoor lighting.

Monsieur Tricot Lighting by TribuAbove: Monsieur Tricot Lighting by Tribu

Where Can I Find Inspiration for Resort-style Home Décor?

Inspiration for resort-style home decor can be found in various places. Travel magazines, luxury hotel websites, and interior design blogs are great starting points. 

MBRACE Daybeds, Side Tables & THE OTHERS lanters by DedonAbove: MBRACE Daybed, MBRACE Coffee and Side Tables & THE OTHERS Lanterns by Dedon

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram offer a wealth of visual inspiration and decorating ideas. Consider visiting designer showrooms or home decor exhibitions to get a feel for current trends and styles. It can also be helpful to talk to experts- consider booking an appointment with our design team.

Cosh living Richmond ShowroomAbove : Book an appointment with our design team in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth. (Photography by Nicole Reed)

How Can I Incorporate Australian Design into My Resort-style Home?

Incorporating Australian design into your resort-style home adds a unique touch that reflects the local culture and landscape. Our curated collection of Australian designed and made furniture is a celebration of Australian makers. Consider the Otway range, crafted from stunning local hardwoods in designs inspired by the rainforests of Cape Otway.

Otway Fabric Lounge Chair & Otway Sofa by kettAbove: Otway Sofa & Footstool & Otway Fabric Lounge Chair by Kett (Photography by Scott Burrows)

Transforming your home into a resort-like retreat is about creating an environment that promotes relaxation and luxury. By focusing on comfortable and stylish furnishings, soothing decor, and elements that bring nature indoors, you can turn your home into a sanctuary. 

Nomad Pouf, Mood Sofa, Otto Coffee Table & Dunes Side Table by Tribu Above:   Nomad Poufs  Mood Sofa  Otto Low Tables &   Dunes Low Tables by Tribu

With the right approach and inspiration, coupled with the perfect furniture selections, your dream of resort-style living at home can become a reality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Cosh Living furniture ideal for creating a resort-like atmosphere at home?

Cosh Living furniture is ideally suited for creating a resort-like atmosphere at home due to its perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and durability. Our pieces are designed with the sophisticated aesthetics of high-end resorts in mind, offering elegant lines and sumptuous comfort. 

Elio Armchairs, Mood Sofa, Tairu Side Table & Dunes Side Table by Tribu
Above:  Elio ArmchairMood SofaTairu Side Table & Dunes Low Tables by Tribu.

How do I choose the right furniture and accessories to create a resort-style atmosphere in my home?

To create a resort-style atmosphere in your home, focus on selecting comfortable, stylish furniture that aligns with a consistent theme. Accentuate the space with statement pieces such as elegant lounges or unique rugs, and ensure a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas for a cohesive resort feel. 

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