Caring For Your Marble Table

Caring For Your Marble Table

At Cosh Living, we work alongside local Australian and European brands to deliver elegant, high-end furniture using the best materials and technologies. Whether you purchase a beautiful outdoor dining set, a luxurious armchair or a timeless side table, we believe it’s important that you also walk away with the right knowledge to maintain its allure for years to come.
If you’re already a marble lover, you’ll know that marble furniture can give any room a unique, aesthetically-rich feel and add another layer of sophistication to your home. In Australia, people can choose to seal their marble – protecting it from food spills and stains. 
Bon Bon Table by PotoccoBon Bon Table by Potocco

European-style marble care

The Italians don’t seal marble – preferring to keep it in its natural state, which is considered much more beautiful. When it comes to the European-style of luxury furniture care, signs of life and age tend to be deeply treasured. A wine spill and balsamic splash is just a memory of a great party and can even amplify the history and beauty of the piece. 

Johanna Elliptical Marble Table by KettJohanna Elliptical Marble Table by Kett
What does it mean to seal marble? Sealing marble involves applying a protective sealant to help prevent damage and helps to prevent stains creeping into the porous surface of the natural stone. There are many different types of sealants that can be used, including penetrating sealants and topical sealants. Penetrating sealants penetrate into the pores of the marble, while topical sealants sit on top of the surface of the marble.        
Johanna Table by Kett and Bon Bon Table by PotoccoJohanna Elliptical Marble Table by Kett & Bon Bon Table by Potocco
 At Cosh Living, we do not recommend sealing your marble piece, as it deflects from the natural characteristics of the natural stone. Without testing your sealer, you may also be changing the appearance of the marble. Some sealers can add a shiny look to the surface of the marble, and some cheaper sealers can change colour over time when exposed to sunshine. Instead, we prefer that people know what they’re getting into when they buy marble furniture and take time to understand the beauty and intricacies of natural stone, and are aware of ongoing marble care. 
Spring Coffee Tables by PotoccoSpring Coffee Tables by Potocco

What does marble care involve?

Whether you have a marble coffee table or a larger marble dining table, effective marble care is necessary to protect it from damage and keep its elegant, sophisticated look lasting as long as possible.
Anfora Table by PotoccoAnfora Table by Potocco

1. Clean up spills on marble immediately. It can be easy for accidents like dinner party spills to happen – and is often a sign of a memorable evening. Because marble is a porous material, it’s crucial to clean up spills immediately with a damp cloth to stop the stain setting in. Afterwards, dry the area with a dry, soft cloth.

2. Only use mild cleaners on your marble furniture. Avoid harsh chemicals, vinegar, lemon juice or anything alcohol-based on any of your marble table tops. Acidic and abrasive chemicals can leave marks, and scratches and even cause discolouration patches. Instead, use a pH-neutral cleaner, testing on a small inconspicuous spot first to avoid damage.
3. Use soft cloths to clean the marble. When you’re cleaning your precious marble furniture, never use bristly, abrasive cloths, scourers or brushes. At Cosh Living, we recommend using microfiber cloths as they are very gentle and don’t leave lint behind.
4. Always use a coaster, placemat or chopping board. High-quality furniture pieces deserve to be treated with the care and attention they were made with. When your marble table top comes into contact with water or heat, it can stain (or even crack), therefore it’s wise to invest in good quality placemats and coasters.
Arial Console by PotoccoArial Console by Potocco

Ensure your marble lasts a lifetime

As an exceptionally beautiful natural stone, marble may have veins, slight surface irregularities, small holes and different colours that make every single piece unique. Although wear and tear can happen over time and add character, keeping your marble surfaces clean and cared for will ensure its beauty continues to light up your home for years to come.
Do you have questions regarding the care of a product already purchased from Cosh? Please visit our Maintenance and Warranty page for more information. Otherwise, make an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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