Choosing The Right Outdoor Dining Furniture

Choosing The Right Outdoor Dining Furniture

Eating outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. When the weather permits, families and friends gather outdoors to enjoy each other’s company and a lovely meal. This is why it can be a great idea to renovate your outdoor living space, and turn it into the perfect outdoor dining area.  Thoughtful planning and a considered choice of outdoor furniture can make all the difference to the space.

Whether you’re thinking of hosting a small intimate dinner or large gathering, there are plenty of fabulous outdoor furniture pieces that can suit your outdoor entertaining needs. When buying furniture pieces, it is a good idea to do some brainstorming first.

Style, colour, comfort and materials are among the most important considerations when choosing outdoor furniture pieces. Decide if contemporary or traditional furniture would best suit your space.

Charcoal, brown and earthy tones are common and timeless choices, but you can also try vibrant white frames or colorful outdoor cushions to brighten things up. Powder coated aluminum, steel, teak, and synthetic weave are some of the materials that can beautify your outdoor dining space and withstand the harsh Australian elements, whilst also being comfortable.

Decide On Furniture Placement

Before buying outdoor dining furniture, it is advisable to decide on its placement first. Common locations are outdoor patios, on the deck, amongst the garden, or by the swimming pool. When deciding on placement, make it a goal to create a space that can encourage interaction and enjoyment with family and friends. You will want your outdoor dining spot to look inviting from inside, so make sure you consider shelter from the wind or rain if possible.

Consider the Size of Your Outdoor Space

The size of your outdoor dining set will depend on the available space you have. If you have a small patio or deck, a small bistro-style dining set can be a good choice – allowing spare room for kids to play nearby, or a casual spot to lounge if you enjoy to read. A full dining set, however, is the right choice if you have a large backyard space or balcony. There is nothing better than enjoying a big summer BBQ outside with family and friends. Decide which shape would work best with the amount of people you would usually like to seat; rectangular, oval or round.

There are many options from small 4 seater dining settings, to large extension tables that will seat up to 14 people.

Mind the Location of Your Property

If your house is located in a high-wind area, it is a good idea to choose outdoor dining furniture with heavier frames. A teak dining set is a good choice, as well as powder-coated stainless steel or wrought iron – these materials are stylish and very durable. Steer clear of plastic and aluminum, as they are usually lightweight and could blow away in high winds. You can also invest in furniture covers to keep your dining setting clean and protect it from building up dust, dead leaves and wildlife droppings (which can stain some particular surfaces).

Decide on the Dining Setting Surface

If you have teak in mind, it does require a little maintenance so make sure you are prepared to service your furniture a couple of times a year to keep it looking fabulous. Ceramic and Granite are both very durable and low maintenance options – You can simply wipe them down as you need using a damp cloth, and they are also near impossible to break or scratch.

If you’re considering a dark coloured aluminum or glass table top, note that they are likely to heat up in the sun, so it is best to team with a patio umbrella or place these pieces in a shaded area.

The ideal outdoor dining furniture should always have an enough table space for food and drinks.

The table and chairs you select should fit the space perfectly without making it feel cramped. Try to have at least one meter between nearby walls and your dining setting, so that guests can move about freely in your space without having to ask people to move in their seat. Be sure that your choice suits the style of your home and existing furniture. But most importantly, make sure it is comfortable. This will encourage long conversations under the stars well after your meal has ended!

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