CIRQL NU: The CIRQL Collection by DEDON is Back

CIRQL NU: The CIRQL Collection by DEDON is Back

The combination of tradition and innovation often leads to some of the most stunning creations. One such example is the transformation of DEDON's CIRQL collection, designed by Werner Aisslinger. Known for its round, welcoming shapes and intricate geometric patterns, the original CIRQL line has established itself as both iconic and inviting, and has introduced a new look with CIRQL NU.


Above: CIRQL NU Lounge Chair & CIRQL NU Side Table by DEDON

The CIRQL collection was born out of DEDON’s rich hand-weaving heritage. Utilising luxurious DEDON Fibre, renowned for its quality and durability, the original CIRQL collection could endure even the toughest weather conditions and maintain its stunning appearance for years to come. Their design, a sophisticated dance of geometry and comfort, quickly set the collection apart as both visually appealing and exceptionally functional. 

CIRQL NU Armchairs by DEDON

Above: CIRQL NU Armchair Central Base & SATELLITE Table by DEDON

Taking CIRQL a step further, Werner Aisslinger introduces CIRQL NU, utilising DEDON’s innovative invert fibre. This new development uses a co-extrusion process that melds two different fibre colours and types into a single strand. The outcome is nothing short of spectacular, offering stunning colorways and textures that give the pieces a dynamic 3D effect and an almost iridescent sheen from different angles. 


CIRQL NU stands out not only for its aesthetic improvements but also for its construction. The chairs which are crafted from DEDON's fibre, woven over a powder-coated aluminium frame, ensure both strength and longevity. The attention to detail is meticulous, with each chair requiring 249 meters of fibre and 32 hours of weaving.

Above: CIRQL NU Lounge Chair Central Base by DEDON

Maintaining these pieces is straightforward—the frames can be cleaned with just warm water and a gentle cleanser, and the cushion covers are easily removable and machine washable at 30°C. 

CIRQL NU Footstool by DEDON

Above: CIRQL NU Footstool by DEODN

The CIRQL NU collection by Werner Aisslinger retains the beloved characteristics of the original—fresh, friendly, and transparent—while also achieving a more iconic and geometrically engaging design. The co-extrusion process not only enhances the visual appeal of the collection but also demonstrates DEDON’s commitment to innovation in outdoor furniture design.

CIRQL NUAbove: CIRQL NU Armchairs & SEAX Dining Table by DEDON

Whether placed in a garden, on a patio, or in a high-end outdoor lounge, these pieces are designed to catch the eye while offering comfort and resilience. CIRQL NU is a great collection for those who love colour and designs that marry the best of tradition with cutting-edge technology.

Explore CIRQL NU by DEDON online now. 

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