Colleen Guiney at Cosh Living

Colleen Guiney at Cosh Living

Victorian artist Colleen Guiney creates dynamic, emotive abstract artworks that draw you closer. Inspired by both her outer natural surroundings and inner dialogue – Colleen’s works weave together colour, shape and texture into surreal landscapes. Glimpses of a bridge or bird provide a moment of reference along the journey, as we drift through the alluring world she has created.

We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to exhibit Colleen’s works at our new Cosh Living showroom in Church St, Richmond. Five artworks are on display, and will be showing until the end of January, 2021.



 'A Good Day' artwork, alongside our Otway Lounge Chair, Otway Sofa, and Otway Coffee Table.

“The process of making art is very much about accessing and exposing my emotional life. Most of it is from the’s a deeply personal thing. What I paint when I turn up to the studio each day is driven by my mood, my surroundings and by a particular momentum of the day." - Colleen Guiney


The softness of these artworks beautifully complement our indoor furniture collections by Kett. The Kett collections are all designed in Melbourne by Justin Hutchinson, and like Colleen’s works, focus on a more subdued colour palette. 


Left: 'Swing Bridge' sitting on the Frame Living System, alongside our Glenaire Swivel Chair and Otway Side Table. 
Right: 'Abstract 4: Blue Series' above our Wye armchair and Otway console.


"Colour is as important to me as the technique and narrative. I’ve experimented and worked with colour for many years, and it plays a pivotal role in developing the emotional connection to a piece. I work methodically, layering and breaking up the surface with paint and pencil, adding, deleting and observing as I go. I hope the result is a connection to my work with a little curiosity thrown in.” - Colleen Guiney


In the image below, the beautiful artwork 'Aloha' sits in a room dedicated to Italian furniture brand Potocco. In this room, Colleen's work provides a soft touch, the light pink tones and gentle gestures of etched linework lending lightness to the space dominated in walnut timber tones. 


'Aloha' sits above the Avant Sideboard, with the Anfora Table and Velis Chairs sitting in front. 


Want to see more of Colleen’s artworks, or are interested in purchasing one for your home?

Colleen is represented by Boom Gallery.

Browse her latest works on their website HERE.

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