Create better outdoor moments with Manutti.

Create better outdoor moments with Manutti.

For over 17 years, Manutti has shown an insatiable drive to create and inspire. In fact, they are as passionate about the process as they are about the final product. From the first sketches, the choice of materials and the creation, to the moment the outdoor furniture finds a new home where it belongs.

This love for creation goes hand in hand with Manutti’s meticulous attention to detail. An outdoor space is enhanced by our sensory experience of it. The way the luxurious fabric of a chair touches our skin, or how the warmth of a ceramic tabletop feels under our arms. Handmade pieces carry those tactile experiences in them from the start. This is why at Manutti, they value craftsmanship in all they make.

The latest collections strike a balance between inspiration and innovation. They are infused with passion, warmth and personality. From the clean-lined wooden elements of the Torsa collection, the intricately handwoven ropes of the Radius outdoor sofa, to the sophisticated and natural-looking ceramic top on the Minus table: the sophisticated designs are the result of true craftsmanship and high-quality standards.

It is important to surround yourself with things you love – Pieces, colours and materials that reflect your lifestyle and personality. Manutti offers a wide range of outdoor furniture for you to choose from. They focus on designing luxury outdoor furniture as distinctive as their customers. All of the tables, chairs, sun lounges and sofas incorporate the colours of the natural world and entice people to gather with their friends and families at any time of the day.

Here at Cosh Living, we offer an in-house upholstery service so that products can be further personalised through a wide range of outdoor fabric colours and textures. We invite you to view the Manutti collections at one of our showrooms in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth. Here you will be able to select your favourite outdoor setting, decide on a fabric to suit your home, and create an inviting outdoor entertaining area with comfort and personality.

After all, outdoor moments are the best part of the day.

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