Designer In Focus: Sebastian Herkner

Designer In Focus: Sebastian Herkner

 Portrait by Gaby Gerster                                             Maison&Objet stand image by Ingmar Kurth


The name Sebastian Herkner is one that we are increasingly familiar with at Cosh Living.


The German born industrial designer is attracting international attention for his collaborations with an array of luxury brands, and is going from strength to strength.

 Having trained at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, and with an internship with Stella McCartney under his belt - Herkner established his design studio in 2006, at just 25 years old.  

His designs quickly developed a reputation of innovation and excellence, with a unique ability to combine traditional craftsmanship and emerging technologies. Herkner’s pieces speak to a tension between the familiar and the new – his use of colour, texture, material and proportion play with our sense of nostalgia and transform it into modern comfort.


“There is a sensitivity and identity to my work that emphasises the function, the material and the detail. I transport and interpret characteristics from various contexts of society and culture and implement them in new artefacts.” - Sebastian Herkner


In recent years, Sebastian Herkner has teamed up with outdoor furniture brands Gloster and Dedon, and helped to create some of their most iconic pieces to date. Here, we take a look at the designs by Herkner that we are thrilled to represent at Cosh Living.


Sebastian Herkner at Cosh Living


MBARQ for Dedon

From left to right: Mbrace Wing Back Chair, Mbarq 3 Sofa Low Back, Mbarq 3 Seater High Backrest.


With its expansive backrests and deep seating, MBARQ envelops users in privacy and protective comfort. Inspired by the traditional form of the indoor alcove, the modular collection gives structure to open outdoor spaces, defining areas in which to work, rest or engage in conversation. MBARQ’s eye-catching organic forms, vivid colour play and semi-transparent weave bring a poetic touch to any setting.




Available in a 3 seater sofa, 3 seater sofa with high backrest and modular sofa components.  


"With Mbarq, we were focusing on the group, the conversations, the sense of togetherness. When I think of collection’s name, I think of people embarking on a journey together, without ever leaving the comfort, privacy and protectiveness of Mbarq itself"  – Sebastian Herkner



FERN for Gloster

Fern Highback & Lowback chairs styled with the Blow Side Tables and Deco Rugs. 


Inspired by the delicate fronds of a unfurling fern leaf, the Fern collection by Sebastian Herkner has a design language that harks back to nature. Combining plantation teak with a soft finish outdoor rope, the enveloping, woven back rest both protects and provides the comfort and is attached to a typically Scandinavian style teak frame, which mirrors its contours and underlines the comfort aspects.




Available as a High Back or Low Back Lounge Chair. 



MBRACE for Dedon 

Received an Iconic Award - Innovative Interior: Best of Best

Mbrace Low Back and Wing Chairs styled with the Mbrace coffee & side tables.


MBRACE takes a joyfully unconventional approach to poolside furniture, bringing DEDON Fiber seating and a solid teak base together for the very first time. The result is an eye-catching, instantly likable collection for lounging, dining and more. MBRACE captures the spirit of barefoot luxury while extending the DEDON design language into new, more Nordic territory. Herkner designed the seat to be invitingly comfortable even late in the season, after MBRACE’s luxurious seat cushions have been stored away.


Available as a Wing Back or Low Back Lounge Chair, Rocking Chair, Daybed, Footstool and Dining Chair, with a matching coffee & side table collections.


"MBRACE fully lives up to the welcoming gesture invoked by its name. One experiences a warm, secure, cocooning feeling when being embraced by the chair’s extra-wide back, especially after a cool dip in the pool." - Sebastian Herkner


LOON for Dedon

Received an Iconic Award - Innovative Interior: Winner 2018

Loon Outdoor Floor Lamps glowing in the dusk.


A balloon-like “reservoir of light” suspended on a pedestal of premium teak, LOON brings indoor sophistication and personality to outdoor lighting. A natural companion to the celebrated MBRACE collection, LOON has been designed to complement the entire DEDON range. LOON casts a warm, ambient light that’s ideal for creating atmosphere in the garden.


Available in Small and Large.


"As Dedon has already shown, outdoors is the new indoors...We’re getting accustomed to comfortable chairs and sofas in interesting material combinations, so of course we need sophisticated lighting to go with it...Just as water can be contained in a volume — a tower, for example — so too can light." - Sebastian Herkner



DUNE for Gloster 

Received an Iconic Award - Innovative Interior: Best of Best

Dune Lounge Chair and Chaise basking in the sun


Like the shifting sands of the desert, the Dune collection combines soft lines and repeating patterns in an outdoor seating and dining concept using a collection of knitted fabrics. A curved powder coated frame sits atop a teak base, all the hard surfaces covered in luxurious knitted textiles.




Available in a Lounge Chair, 2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, Ottoman, and modular sofa components.


The idea of the collection is the scenario of having a good time with friends on the terrace…it is about the dialogue. The special developed fabrics Tuck, Ravel, Dot and Wave are made in 3D knitting technology for outdoor to give cosiness. This design provides an amazing comfort and bohemian approach.”


See more from Sebastian Herkner on his website here. 

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