Designing Outdoor Furniture with a Distinctive Australian Style

Designing Outdoor Furniture with a Distinctive Australian Style

Written by Justin Hutchinson, lead designer of Kett.


When looking out across the Australian landscape you could be mistaken, in part, for thinking you were in the English countryside complete with sheep and rolling green hills. Moving further north rolling green hills give way to more muted tones as the land dries and becomes more arid. A bigger leap across to the Kimberley’s the light hits the land with a fracturing intensity of prismatic colour, a world of pindan roads, broad leaf greenery and vivid blue skies. As the crow flies south, the land opens up into vineyards of notable Cabernet Sauvignon grape varietals in Margaret River’s Mediterranean climate, with a backdrop of pristine white sandy beaches and aquamarine waters.


Australia is a vast land with distinctly different stories.



Left: Aireys Inlet by Russell Charters, Right: Halladale Point by Rodney Hyett


Our cities formed as extensions of our past, with grand gothic churches on the corners of prominent city blocks and botanic parks strewn in-between. Our homes run as a concentrated band around the perimeter, dividing the land from the sea. Our lifestyles are very much a celebration of this vibrant intersection. Carefree days spent soaking up the salt and the sun, whilst enjoying a drink with friends. We embrace the incredible views across waterways, think Sydney harbour and the various verdant coves or the natural bay of Melbourne and Rottnest Island, boats bobbing up and down on clear blue seas.

From a rich tapestry becomes an Australian Style.

Our traditional architecture has its own resourceful spirit and responsiveness to a varied Australian climate. Consider the Queenslander with its wide-open verandas providing shade or the ‘shoulder to shoulder’ Victorian Terrance decorated in wrought iron native flora filigree. The predominant town of earth and stone, Adelaide has stood apart from the rest of Australia, partly due to a lack of timber but also as an expression of local knowledge.



The varied Australian landscape: cities, beaches, bushland.


A new architectural style has emerged that embraces not only our past, but also has its eyes on a growing urban future.


We look to our Asian neighbours, cities like Tokyo and Osaka where homes are multipurpose, minimal and have a relationship with nature to balance the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day. We have also become accustomed to living life abroad in  locations like Indonesia and Thailand. We have formed a great love and appreciation for traditional architecture and its connection to beautiful gardens, with a simpler more considered way of living. We are an urban society and a land of many people and cultures.


The Forrest Lounge Chairs & Side Table, in a beautiful property on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula 


Kett’s latest outdoor offering, Forrest, seeks to respond to this distinctive Australian Style. A style defined by a myriad of identities and cultures all held in balance by our singular goal of embracing our contemporary urban life.

We now spend more time entertaining and living outdoors on balconies and in courtyard gardens – cherishing the connection to nature. Our outdoor spaces have become an extension of our lounge rooms and so we naturally desire a greater level of sophistication and comfort.

Crafted from a premium grade of plantation Teak, Forrest rejoices in a natural, timeless quality. The form is curvaceous and inviting, and speaks to the expert hand of its maker. Woven details are refined and delicate, but incredibly strong - providing a functional support for the back of the lounge and dining chair. 


The Forrest Dining Chairs and the Addis Dining Table in teak. 


A material centuries old - teak - has been reinvented. Using craftspeople with a history, and in-depth knowledge of teak, emerges innovation. Forrest although hand finished, has the accuracy of the latest technological advances of wood machining.  The Forrest tables celebrate natural stone, a further refinement of outdoor living at its best. 


The Forrest collection is available now, exclusively through Cosh Living. 





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