Discover Alki 2016 Collections

Discover Alki 2016 Collections

KEA by Iratzoki Lizaso
The Kea collection displays a fabulous unity between simplicity and expertise of yesteryear. The warm and welcoming tables and benches subtly combine wrought iron and oak.

ZUMITZ by Iratzoki Lizaso
This range of products developed after a simple design for a woven basket. Zumitz accessories are suitable for both residential and commercial application, where the woven chestnut wood will steal the show.

KUSKOA BI by Jean Louis Iratzoki
Released just last year as the first bioplastic chair to be manufactured in the world, this innovative design is now also available with wheels or a central metal base.

KOILA by Jean Louis Iratzoki
The beautiful architecture of the Koila collection has naturally extended to include a lounge bench to complement the chairs. The soft combination of fabric upholstery and natural oak brings warmth and elegance to the whole piece.

LAIA by Jean Louis Iratzoki
Durability was one of the main focus’s when the Laia range was being designed, and the materials have now been further refined. The foam density and thickness has been increased, and the detailed upholstering method perfected so that the full Alki range of fabrics can be used.

HELDU by Jean Louis Iratzoki
The Heldu collections newest stool design has a simple and understated look especially created for bars. The seat sits perfectly flush with the top of the legs for optimal comfort, and is available in three different options; wood, linoleum-covered or upholstered.

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