Embrace the Joy Of Dining Outdoors

Embrace the Joy Of Dining Outdoors

Outdoor dining offers an experience that combines the beauty of nature with the comfort of home. As we embrace more alfresco moments, the way we perceive and design our outdoor dining spaces has evolved. 

It’s not just about placing a table and chairs outdoors; it’s about creating an atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. Today we’ll dive into the art of curating outdoor dining spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, providing the perfect backdrop for every meal. 

Otto Dining Table & Suro Armchairs by TribuAbove: Otto Dining Table & Suro Armchair by Tribu

The Art of Outdoor Dining Spaces

The art of creating an inviting outdoor dining space lies in the details. It starts with selecting the right location - a spot that balances sunlight and shade and offers a pleasant view. 

Addis Table & Wye Side Chairs by TribuAbove: Addis Ceramic Table & Wye Chair (Outdoor) by Kett 

Next, consider the size of your space and how you plan to use it. Will it be for intimate family dinners or larger gatherings? This will guide your choice of dining set. A well-designed outdoor dining area should blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings while offering the comforts and conveniences of indoor dining.

Ukiyo Dining Chair & Table by TribuAbove: Ukiyo Armchair & Ukiyo Dining Table by Tribu

Elevate Your Dining Aesthetic

To elevate your dining aesthetic, focus on creating a cohesive look that complements your home’s exterior and landscape. Choose furniture that resonates with your style - be it modern minimalism or classic elegance. 
 Suro Dining Table & Chairs by TribuAbove: Suro Armchairs & Suro Dining Table by Tribu

Explore our collection of designer outdoor dining tables and chairs to discover pieces that cater to diverse tastes, from sleek, contemporary designs to timeless, traditional pieces. 

Amanu Dining Chairs & Vis a Vis Table by TribuAbove: Amanu Armchairs & Vis a Vis Table by Tribu

Adding accessories such as outdoor rugs, cushions, and ambient lighting can further enhance the space, creating an inviting, comfortable oasis. 

Elio Side Chair & Illum Dining Table by TribuAbove: Elio Armchair & Illum Teak Table by Tribu

Seasonal Transitions: Outdoor Dining All Year Round

One of the joys of outdoor dining is the ability to enjoy it throughout the year, with each season offering a different ambience. For the warmer months, consider lighter fabrics and materials that keep the space cool and airy. 

ROII Side Chair by DedonAbove: ROII Armchairs by DEDON

As the weather cools, add warmth with throws, outdoor heaters, and fire pits. A well-designed outdoor space can adapt to seasonal changes, allowing you to enjoy dining outdoors regardless of the weather.

Branch Round Table & Side Chairs by TribuAbove: Branch Side Chair & Branch 125cm Round Tables by Tribu

Designing Your Outdoor Dining Space

Dining outdoors is a delightful experience that combines the beauty of nature with the art of culinary enjoyment. By carefully crafting your outdoor dining space with the right furniture, accessories, and attention to seasonal changes, you can create an inviting area that enhances the joy of dining al fresco. 

Mood Dining & Illum Table by Tribu Above: Mood Armchairs & Illum Teak Table by Tribu

Whether it's a summer barbecue or a cosy winter meal, a well-designed outdoor dining space can provide the perfect setting for making lasting memories with family and friends. Contact us to begin your outdoor dining journey.

T- Table & Nodi Armchairs by TribuAbove: Nodi Armchairs & T-Table Dining Table by Tribu 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match outdoor furniture from different collections?

Mixing and matching outdoor furniture from different collections can be a fantastic way to create a unique and personalised dining space. The key is to find a common element that ties the pieces together, such as colour, material, or design style. Our collections are designed with versatility in mind, allowing you to mix and match pieces to suit your style and needs.

Illum Table & Contour Armchairs by TribuAbove: Contour Armchairs & Illum Tables by Tribu 

What is the best material for outdoor furniture?

Choosing the best material for your outdoor furniture will depend on individual needs and environmental factors. Teak is a popular choice for its natural beauty and durability, while aluminium provides a modern look with minimal maintenance requirements. Stainless steel’s rust-resistant properties make it ideal for coastal environments.

MBRACE by DEODNAbove: MBRACE Armchairs & MBRACE Dining Tables by DEDON

How do I maintain my outdoor furniture?

Maintaining outdoor furniture typically involves routine cleaning with mild soap and water, applying protective treatments appropriate for the material, and storing or covering the furniture during harsh weather conditions or the off-season.  For more information and to purchase care products, visit our website.

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