Explore the Furniture Trends of 2022

Explore the Furniture Trends of 2022

The recent turbulent times has been the catalyst for the evolution of our homes and how we chose to use them. Collectively we were given the opportunity to take a moment and look through an introspective lens, to view aspects of our lives often previously neglected. This lengthy time spent disconnected from the external noise, allowed us to identify a deep appreciation of our homes. With the return to a new normal, we offer a renewed energy and palate that should be reflected in our homes. 2022 is offering a kaleidoscope of curated forms, an understanding of meaningful spaces and a momentous colour story.

So, what are the furniture and design trends to look for in 2022?

Colours from the natural world.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder – and with our detachment from the natural world, there is no wonder we are emulating our outdoor landscapes through natural hues. Think eucalyptus green, earthy browns, and light neutrals.

The warm timber grain of our Otway Trestle Table and olive leather backrest of our Johanna Armchair are accentuated by the afternoon sun - the perfect embodiment of this progressive palette. 

Colour undoubtedly has an impact on our moods and wellbeing, and with the unpredictable times of past, a constant in our lives is the desire to feel a sense of serenity and calm. The warmth and lightness of this newly inspired colour story lends our homes to act as a haven – an escape from our daily demands.

The importance of colour ranges far beyond its aesthetic purpose – colour in any home adds contextual meaning, contributing an almost invisible pillar to your homes story. Shades of green leave a purifying effect that is just as serene as it is rejuvenating. Earthy browns have a mood and tonal quality of the golden hours, offering us moments of being grounded. This colour palette is punctuated with an array of neutrals that add lightness and moments of silence – a reminder to turn down the volume of unnecessary noise in our daily lives.

The deep timber hues of the Otway Night Table ground this serene bedroom escape, further punctuated with eucalyptus greens and light neutrals of the Otway Bed.   

This Australian inspired palette allows our home to act as a canvas ready to be painted and populated with memories of time spent with our loved ones.

The beauty of materiality.

A new element in every home mood board is the focus on the beauty of materiality and allowing that to have its own voice in the home. Picture, detail images of fabric textures and images of natural timber grain in and amongst the colours of our natural world – divine. We are allowing materiality and thoughtful finishes to pave the story and design of our homes.     

The solid American oak of all Kett crafted tables have grains reflective of moving shadows across a landscape. 

Akin to our desire to reflect colours of our natural landscapes – this same sentiment is carried through to inclusions of furniture pieces with a focus on their materials. We are drawn to natural timbers rich in grain, that have a sense of movement accentuated by light that filters through the home at different times throughout the day. Introduce natural timbers into your home through a gorgeous timber dining table or storage pieces, that are both functional and have a strong sense of materiality. These timbers take the complexity of their creation and distil it into something that works effortlessly in any space. 

The gorgeous features of the Johanna Occasional Chair are perfectly accentuated through the neutral boucle, creating an inviting place to relax. 

Boucle has cemented its position in the interior design world for yet another year. This tight looped fabric brings texture and a level of sophistication. Boucle offers homeowners with the sense of warm embrace, comfort, and of course connection to the space they are in. This texture exudes calmness like no other – particularly when encompassing furniture painted with colours of our natural world. We love the idea of cozying up on a boucle couch on a Sunday afternoon with a book in hand. This fabric is an ageless trend that will stand the test of time in any home and is a particularly welcomed fabric as we head into our cooler months.   

Softening spaces through curves.

As we start to express our renewed perspective, we bring with us the desires and promise of feeling secure, something that has been missing from our lives these past few years. There is no doubt that this desire is reflected in our furniture trends, with that being a need to soften our spaces through the introduction of curved furniture.

Circular forms define our Otway Armchair and our Johanna Round Timber Table, both working together to create an intimate dining space. 

Not only are these curved lines symbolic of nature, from bodies of water that lap the shoreline to curved native shrubs, but they also represent our bodies natural forms. Our underlying want to feel stable is put to ease through curved forms, which imply relaxation and comfort.

Our Erskine Sofa, is the embodiment of the curved furniture trend taking the design world by storm. The soft edging and rounded structure offers an inviting lounging experience like no other. 

These curved forms are commonly found in bedheads, seat backs, tables and of course sofas. All pieces that give a sense of embrace when seated in. They add a statement to our design vernacular, without overwhelming the introduction of other accessories.    

Need a little help introducing these interior and furniture trends into your home? Drop into one of our showrooms in SydneyBrisbaneMelbourne or Perth to talk to one of our experienced design consultants. Alternatively, you can book a design consult directly here.  

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