Gather, Celebrate and Entertain In a Minimalist Dining Space

Gather, Celebrate and Entertain In a Minimalist Dining Space

Minimalist design, a philosophy that has been around for decades and continues to be popular today, is about simplicity and functionality. It emphasises clean lines, a restrained colour palette, and a focus on functionality. Minimalist design is a great option for creating a clutter-free, relaxing space to live well.

Creating a minimalist space doesn't just mean eliminating all your possessions. It's about carefully choosing fewer pieces that create balance, accentuating the space rather than filling it. Here we offer some pointers to help guide you to create a sleek, sophisticated dining space perfect for gathering, celebrating, and entertaining.

Otway Timber Table and Dining Chairs by KettAbove: Otway Timber Table, Armchairs & Sideboard by Kett

Clean Lines

Minimalist design is all about clean lines, meaning furniture should be simple and free of ornate details. Lots of detail adds to visual noise. This feeling of ‘trying to take it all in’ is not in line with a calming, minimal space. Instead, look for streamlined pieces that focus on function. We love the Otway Solid Timber Dining Table, where the form is simple, and the beautiful timber is able to express itself in its true natural form. If you’d like to add a sophisticated touch, consider the Otway Porcelain Dining Table, with clean lines and a non-porous marble look.

Wye Barstools by KettAbove: Wye Barstools by Kett

Another great dining chair option for a minimal effect is the Wye Chair, whose wireframe design and clean, flowing lines give it a contemporary touch while taking up limited space. 

Restrained Colour Palette

A restrained colour palette is an essential element of minimalist design. When creating a dining space, stick to a limited set of core colours. Subdued tones and monochrome elements will help create a calming, peaceful and luxurious dining environment.

Karm Chair by KettAbove: Karm Chair by Kett

Natural timber tones work well in a minimalist dining space, and don’t be afraid of introducing soft curves. The Karm Chairs are a great example of where the warm timber tones and curved frames can create a serene atmosphere. The Karm chairs beautifully complement the simplicity of a classic rectangular dining table.

Functional Storage

Minimalist design is about decluttering visual noise, meaning surfaces should be kept free of unnecessary items. Remember, quality over quantity; focus on fewer items and make sure they're the perfect choice for the space and position. In a minimalist dining space, you should only display the items that are essential to the room's purpose.

For treasured pieces essential in the dining room - choose great, functional storage. A bar cabinet or sideboard are perfect for storing away beautiful items at arms reach.

Otway Sideboard by KettAbove: Otway Sideboard by Kett

We love the Otway Sideboard for minimal and simple lines. The inclusion of drawers mean you can store cutlery and serving tools, while cupboards are great for large serving trays and vases.

Sen Cabinet By PotoccoAbove: Sen Cabinet by Potocco

The Sen Cabinet is perfect to add a touch of glamour, while referencing minimal Japanese aesthetics. Create a bar cabinet, with all of the liquor and glassware close at hand, or store beautiful sculptural ceramics and tableware that isn’t always in rotation.

Choose Lighting Carefully

Carefully chosen lighting can enhance any space, and this is particularly true for a dining area. For your dining space, choose lighting that is simple and functional. Look for lighting fixtures that have clean lines and a neutral colour palette. Avoid ornate fixtures that will detract from the room's minimalist aesthetic. We love the Highline range by Rakumba.

Highline by Rakumba in The Cosh Living Richmond ShowroomAbove: Highline by Rakumba in The Cosh Living Richmond Showroom  

Creating a luxurious and minimalist dining space is all about being able to focus on what is important: coming together to enjoy a meal. By emphasising clean lines, restrained colours and functional storage, you can create a peaceful and clutter-free environment perfect for gathering, celebrating, and entertaining without the visual noise.

Our beautiful range of dining room furniture offers everything you need to transform your space. Speak to our team or book a design consultation to begin planning your dining room now.



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