Gloster New Release Products 2017

Gloster New Release Products 2017

“As life gets faster and more complex, the need for quality time and space, and the freedom to be you grows too. At Gloster we open doors to timelessly beautiful exteriors where your furniture sets the mood, just the way you want it to be. And we take the long view, using only the very best materials and techniques available.” – Gloster

Gloster is one of the largest international manufacturers of high quality outdoor furniture, an established 50 year-old company with offices world-wide and their own manufacturing facility in Indonesia. As a brand leader, their aim is to redefine the way people think about outdoor furniture. To create a definitive look and feel that portrays their confidence and gives Gloster a unique place in the buyer’s mind.

Grand Weave Lounge

Nature converted into modern outdoor living. Following rural cues from hand crafted willow and hazel hurdles, modern materials are combined to create an up to date, resilient twist on rustic seating. Aluminium and man-made fibres are cleverly interwoven to create a beautifully tactile seating group at home in any surrounding. Conceived by noted Danish designer Henrik Pedersen, Grand Weave makes a statement equal to its name. Accustomed to designing product for international markets, Henrik carefully selected the oversized, tactile man-made fibres to be stylishly woven around the beautiful aluminium frame to make a deliberately bold statement.

Archi Dining Chairs

At home in any contemporary space, this chair cleverly stays tactile and inviting with the integration of outdoor rope and Gloster’s signature teak. Renowned Danish designer Henrik Pedersen has combined two elemental materials to produce a chair as perfectly refined as it is beautiful. Henrik says “The challenge of this design was to create a complex solution from the simplest palette – almost to create everything from nothing! I wanted to create the purest form of seating with the most traditional of materials and yet attain both comfort and a design statement that surpassed more opulent routes”.

Blow Occasional

Bring sophisticated glazes in subtle hues to your life outdoors. The soft lines and natural tones of these beautifully rounded ceramic bases combine perfectly with solid teak table tops. Eye-catching and inspiring, these accent pieces beautifully reflect light across their soft, round surfaces and compliment any item in the Gloster range while adding character to any outdoor space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Nest
Inspired by the precise designs of the weaver bird, these nest like suspended lanterns gently rotate and sway in the evening breeze. As the night draws in, the soft (solar LED) light shining through the detailed weave throws dancing shadows as the setting sun shimmers through the leaves.

Ambient Cocoon
Mimicking the perfect texture and symmetry of silk cocoons, these minimal and delicate looking lanterns are deceptively tough. Manufactured from modern plastics and combined with a striking solid teak handle of almost agricultural purity, these (solar LED) lights are as much about design as they are about illumination.

180 Lounge

Starting with a simple chair, the no-nonsense lines of 180 quickly became the foundations of a functional favourite. With clearly matching design cues, a comfy sun lounge chair and lounger now compliment this popular aluminium and sling collection. The same delicate geometric lines and straight-forward stacking system is applied to all pieces. Durable, flexible, weatherproof slings are available in White to compliment the White frames and Charcoal for the Meteor frames.

Carver Dining

In the same way that an artist carves in stone or wood to create a unique form, the same way of thinking has been applied to the Carver tables, where the cross-rail and legs have been subtly sculpted, like pieces hewn from a solid block. New for 2017 is a 89cm Square version of this iconic table and the addition of two new 6mm ceramic tops – Bianco and Nero across the entire range of tables. With a lightly textured, matt surface finish and fine colouring to reflect the appearance of natural marble, these new ceramic colours create a distinctive, premium style but without any of the compromises usually inherent with natural marble.


Bells / Arbor – Deco Items

What is a home without a few unique enhancements to add that final touch of style? dual-function stools / side tables and a rustic basket to keep small items safe and at hand. Combining tactile materials with beautifully detailed finishes, the Deco range of occasional items is the stylish way to bring your outdoor experience to life.

Bay Lounger

Taking the retro lines of Gloster’s teak and sling Bay collection to new places, this already popular seating group now offers more relaxation than ever. The addition of a sumptuous lounger brings an
unprecedented level of vintage chic to poolside.

Split Raw

As with our own fingerprints, so every teak tree is one of a kind. Even within the managed plantation environment, no two trees share the same ground or reach for the light in the same way and thus, each grows and matures in its own unique way with the natural variations and irregularities that give timber its inherent appeal. Every growth ring, every knot and the graceful ebb and flow of the grain stands testament to its journey from young sapling to mature tree – a journey of up to 70 years.

In normal mass production, timber is regulated, ordered, standardised to conform to strict manufacturing parameters. But with the Raw concept, Gloster celebrates the unpredictable and revere the irregularity of nature. Whether it be the colour or depth of the sap wood or the texture of the bark – each imperfection tells a story and marks each piece out as unique. Just as no two teak trees are the same, so no two pieces of Raw furniture will match.

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