Happy Birthday Lem!

Happy Birthday Lem!

This year, the LEM stool from Italian brand Lapalma is celebrating its twentieth birthday! Designed by Shin & Tomoko Azumi, LEM has set Lapalma on a revolutionary path and has changed design history. 

 New, beautiful shades have been added to the LEM indoor stool collection.


When the LEM debuted in 2000, white and black were the only colour choices – minimal and monochrome. To celebrate this twenty-year milestone, Lapalma have released an array of new colours, that provide a fresh, exciting look. Lem is now offered in six new refined, original shades: oliva, caffè, mattone, celeste, tortora and perla.

Over the lifespan of LEM, Lapalma has sold over a million indoor stools across the globe. LEM exemplifies a synthesis of Japanese culture and Italian technology, and has captured the imagination of those in search of a design that is seamless in form. 



The History of LEM

It was 1996 when, at the IMM Cologne Show, two young London-based Japanese designers, Shin & Tomoko Azumi, presented Lapalma founders Dario and Romano Marcato with a small handmade brochure. A few pencil strokes, just enough to give a feel of the beauty and uniqueness of a design.


Designers Shin & Tomoko Azumi 


In 1999, the design was taking shape and was destined to become an icon. It took a whole year of testing to fine-tune the technology required to achieve the double bend in the rectangular tubular frame, which gives the stool its silhouette, combining the seat and footrest in one uninterrupted line.



LEM was born, marking Lapalma's entry into the new millennium. In the year 2000, the Milan Furniture Show saw the official launch of what would become the emblem of Lapalma style, with its stunningly light silhouette, and unique character paired with outstanding comfort – meeting with international approval.

A few months later, LEM was given pride of place in London's famous Conran Shop window. And, in 2008, it became part of the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

This year, LEM is celebrating its twentieth birthday. An extraordinary commercial success, which has inspired people in their homes, and inspired countless copies. Perhaps the only price to pay when you create a much loved, contemporary design.


LEM is enjoyed all over the world.


LEM is a minimalist indoor stool, ideal for those who are looking for balanced elegance that goes beyond trends. A great kitchen stool, bar stool or breakout stool for the home or office. Modern furniture, made in Italy with precision and care.


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