How Can You Tell If A Sofa Is High Quality?

How Can You Tell If A Sofa Is High Quality?

When selecting a new sofa, it's important to assess its quality to ensure it can withstand daily use and remain comfortable for years to come. High-quality sofas not only offer comfort and support but also showcase superior craftsmanship and durability. To identify a high-quality sofa, there are several key aspects to consider: the frame, the suspension, the filling, and the upholstery. Understanding these components allows you to make an informed choice, ensuring you select a sofa that fits in with your home’s interior and will last for many years.

Recently, Cosh Living caught up with Geoffrey De Wind, our Bayswater factory manager who brings over 30 years of experience in the furniture trade. We discussed how to discern if a sofa is high quality, tapping into his extensive expertise to help you make the best choice for your home. 


How does the construction of a high-quality sofa differ from a lower quality one?

High quality sofas have solid hardwood frames, which provide stability and withstand use. They also have reinforced corners and joints with metal screw fastenings. Quality sofas have good suspensions and comfortable cushions.  premium foam, feather, or polyester fibre cushion fillings that are supportive and comfy


What are the key materials used in high-quality sofas? 

The choice of materials plays a huge role. For the internal support, high-density foams or a blend of feathers and foam are used for longevity and comfort. Externally, top-grain leather or high-grade fabrics that can withstand wear and tear are typical choices. Every material selected has a purpose, from ensuring comfort to guaranteeing a long lifespan for the sofa. 

Can you distinguish between genuine leather and faux leather when assessing sofa quality? 

Fake leather feels smooth, almost like plastic. Real leather feels flexible, it will also have a grainy feel. Also, with real leather there will be flaws, stretch marks etc which is part of the hide. Fake leather can’t be stretched, real leather can, and it will last longer.  

What role do springs and padding play in determining the quality of a sofa?

Springs are crucial for providing a supportive yet comfortable seat. High-quality sofas often use sinuous springs or eight-way hand-tied springs which maintain their shape and offer resilience. We also use highly durable webbing on some of our sofas, which provides flexibility and can offer a slightly different seating experience that some prefer. These two support structures can also be used in combination with one another to enhance comfort and durability.  

Padding, such as high-quality foam or down protects the frame and lining fabric, while also contributing to the sofa's comfort. 

How important is the craftsmanship or attention to detail in assessing sofa quality?  

It’s vital. The craftsmanship reflects how much care and expertise have been put into the sofa. This includes precise stitching, consistent fabric patterns, and well-fitted upholstery that stands up to stress without sagging or wrinkling. Good craftsmanship not only enhances the sofa’s appearance but also its longevity.

What are some indicators of durability that suggest a sofa is of high quality? 

Look for sofas that use robust materials like solid wood, high-grade metals, and durable fabrics or leathers. The presence of warranties or guarantees also indicates that the maker stands behind the durability of their product. The structural warranty on the indoor sofas made at Cosh Living is ten years, as we believe the true quality of our furniture. 

Is there a correlation between price and sofa quality, or are there exceptions?

Generally, a higher price tag is associated with better quality due to the cost of premium materials and skilled labor. However, there are exceptions. It’s important for consumers to assess the materials and craftsmanship rather than relying solely on price.

How does the warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer reflect on the quality of a sofa?

A comprehensive warranty or guarantee indicates confidence in the product’s quality. Manufacturers who provide extensive warranties typically believe in their products' durability and are willing to back that up.

Are there any certifications or standards consumers should look for when evaluating sofa quality?

ISO standards (International Organisation for Standardisation are not regulations enforced by law, but companies that choose to follow them stand to gain more credibility. While specific certifications for sofas are not as common as in other industries, looking for standards related to materials—such as FSC-certified wood or OEKO-TEX certified fabrics—can guide you toward products that are more likely to be of high quality.

Lastly, what sets Kett's sofas apart as symbols of quality, ensuring customers are happy with their purchase and overall experience?

­­Kett's sofas are distinguished by their exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of superior materials. From the construction process to the final touches, every step is managed to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Plus, knowledgeable staff help guide customers through the selection process, making sure they find a product that fits their needs and lifestyle.


Thanks Geoff!


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