How to create a cosy outdoor area.

How to create a cosy outdoor area.

Having a cosy place to relax at home doesn’t always have to be inside. Take advantage of good weather and nature whilst being cosy in the comfort of our own backyard. If this is something your outdoor area is missing, read on below and discover how to create a super cosy, super comfy outdoor living space.

Choose a sheltered zone.

A good place to start is to select an area that is most protected from the wind and rain. Outdoor furniture is most inviting when clean and comfy, so if you have an undercover area that can be filled with outdoor accessories, this is ideal. If you don’t have any outdoor shelter, an umbrella would be a the most cost effective alternative for you.


Utilise empty corners of your outdoor area.

Who said that the corner of your outdoor area is a dead zone or useless? With some imagination and clever furniture selections, a previously dead corner of your outdoor area can become perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons, enjoying company or sitting back with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Easy Chairs.

You don’t always need a lot of furniture to create a cosy space in your outdoor area. A simple easy chair with a blanket, side table and some cosy deco cushions is a brilliant way to create an inviting space. There are many lounge chair options to choose from depending on your comfort preferences; reclining, high backed, cushioned seat, or opt for a matching footstool for extra leg support.

Introduce an outdoor rug.

Indulge the senses outdoors, introduce a soft and warm outdoor rug for your feet to enjoy whilst under the stars. Outdoor decking and tiles can be quite cold and uninviting under foot, especially when the floor gets dusty. Outdoor rugs will bring your whole space together, look fabulous, and make you want to stay outside longer. The kids will have a soft place play on the floor, and there will be more room on the furniture for the adults!

Comfy outdoor sofas.

Purchasing an outdoor sofa could be the best thing you ever do for your outdoor living space. If you have enough room, a good quality outdoor sofa will be a valuable addition to your cosy area. Instead of just ducking outside for a quick meal at the dining table when the weather permits, you will find yourself passing the hours lounging around with your loved ones, listening to the crickets long after the sun goes down.

Although our outdoor sofas are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, we do recommend a protective cover to ensure your sofa is always clean and ready to use throughout the year.

Coffee Tables.

It is important to bring the convenience and functionality of your indoor lounge, outdoors. Having a cosy outdoor area means you can properly enjoy your creature comforts too. A low coffee table is essential to keep your drinks, nibbles and books on.

Coffee tables provide a focal point for guests to gather around a cheese platter and enjoy intimate conversations.

Outdoor heater for the cooler weather.

Whilst a good winter blanket will keep you warm outside, a fire pit will provide entertainment and give your cosy outdoor area an ambient campfire glow. There is something magical about watching an open flame with family and friends. They can however be abit messy, so if you have a small space, a great alternative is bioethanol burners. These fires do not create any smoke or soot. There are many modern designs to choose from, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors so you can use them year round, in any room of the house you please.

Let there be light.

One of the most popular and cost effective ways to create an intimate and cosy outdoor area is by using the right lighting. Fairy lights, tea lights, lanterns and rechargeable LED garden lighting can all be used to bring a warm glow to your outdoor area. Unique and warm outdoor lighting will turn an after-work glass of wine into a cosy and relaxing evening in the open air. Strings of fairy lights or lanterns can be hung up for a more festive atmosphere.

All of these ideas will get you one step closer to the ultimate cosy outdoor space which you can enjoy all year round, for many different occasions.

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