Incorporating Vibrant Pieces Into Your Interior

Incorporating Vibrant Pieces Into Your Interior

Embracing colour in your home's interior design can be transformative, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Colourful furniture not only adds personality but also reflects your unique style and creativity. Discover ways to seamlessly integrate vibrant furniture pieces into your home, capturing the eye while also adding comfort and functionality.

Bellbrae Sofa by KettBellbrae Sofa by Kett 

Why choose colourful furniture?

Introducing colourful furniture into your home is a bold statement. It disrupts the monotony of neutral palettes, infusing energy and character into the room. A bright sofa, a richly hued occasional chair, or a vividly coloured sideboard can enliven your space, creating an atmosphere of joy and creativity. These pieces often become focal points, drawing the eye and sparking conversation.

Erskine Sofa by KettErskine Sofa and Johanna Ottoman by Kett 

How to Choose the Right Colourful Furniture for Your Space?

Choosing the right colourful furniture requires careful consideration. The size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives play a crucial role. Lighter tones can make smaller or dimly lit rooms feel more spacious, while darker hues are well-suited for larger, well-lit spaces. 

Erskine Sofa by KettJohanna Ottoman by Kett

It's also important to consider your existing colour scheme; the furniture should either complement or offer a tasteful contrast to your current decor. Finally, ensure that the piece is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and in line with your overall design aesthetic.

For assistance choosing colourful furniture to add life to your space, consider booking a design consultation with our expert design team.

Tips for Incorporating Colourful Furniture into Your Interior Design 

Starting small can be a good approach if you're new to using bold colours in your decor. Smaller pieces like dining chairsottomans or barstools can introduce colour without overwhelming the space. Balancing your colourful pieces with neutral walls, floors, or other large furniture items is key to creating a harmonious look. 

Velis Barstools by PotoccoVelis Barstool by Potocco 

Don’t shy away from mixing different colours and patterns for a dynamic and eclectic look. Colourful furniture can also be used to define different areas in an open-plan space, adding structure and visual interest. Accessorising with cushions, rugs, and art can complement and highlight your colourful furniture, tying the whole room together.

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Colourful Furniture Inspiration 

Consider a statement sofa in a bold colour like royal blue, emerald green, or sunflower yellow to be the centrepiece of your living room. Occasional Chairs in shades like burnt orange, fuchsia, or lime green can add a pop of colour without dominating the space. 

Johanna Occasional Chair by KettJohanna Occasional Chair by Kett

A painted cabinet or sideboard in a vibrant hue can provide both colour and practical storage, as well as give you a platform to display colourful art, photos, and other eye-catching pieces.

Feathertop Sofa & Portland Coffee Tables By KettFeathertop Sofa & Portland Coffee Tables  by Kett

Adding colour with Cosh Living

Incorporating colourful furniture into your home decor is a superb way to express your personality and style. It's about striking the right balance, being bold in your choices, and not being afraid to show your unique taste. 

Cosh Living - Book a design ConsultationGlenaire Swivel Chair by KettGlenaire Swivel Chair by Kett 

With thoughtfully selected colourful pieces, your home can transform into a vibrant, stylish, and welcoming space that stands out. Visit Cosh Living’s website to browse our range of vibrant and stunning collections. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using colourful furniture in interior design?

Colourful furniture adds visual interest, elevates the mood of a space, and can serve as a focal point. Colour influences the perceived size and warmth of a room and allows for creative expression, making a standard space feel more tailored and personal.

Velis Armchairs by PotoccoVelis Armchairs by Kett

How do I choose the right colourful furniture for my space?

When selecting colourful furniture, consider the room's size and existing colour scheme. Choose hues that complement or tastefully contrast with your decor. The furniture's practicality and fit with your overall design style are also crucial. Lighter shades can open up smaller spaces, while darker colours add depth to larger rooms.

Velis Armchairs by PotoccoVelis Armchairs by Kett

Can I use colourful furniture in a small space?

With careful planning, colourful furniture can look stunning in small spaces. The key is to balance it with neutral tones and avoid overcrowding. Multi-functional pieces like a bright ottoman that offers seating and storage can be particularly useful. Strategic use of colour can enhance the perception of space in a smaller room.

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