Introducing Atelier Vierkant – Hand Crafted Planters

Introducing Atelier Vierkant – Hand Crafted Planters

We are very excited to introduce a new brand of sculptural planters from Belgium.

Atelier Vierkant is a family business that was founded around 25 years ago. The Janssen Family, Annette and Willy and their three sons Ward, Dreis and Bert have their studio in the Flanders region of Belgium.

The Janssen’s have created a very unique planter business that exports these beautiful planters to all corners of the world and is a significant feature in many major projects. Atelier has the privilege of working with some major international designers and Architects such as Luciano Giubbilei, Zaha Hadid, Oehme Van Sweden and Surface Design.

All the planters are made using moulds and are amazingly still hand carved and sculpted by a team of around 20 master craftspeople. All the staff are trained by the Janssen’s in the unique detailed art of creating such beautiful sculptural pieces.

Atelier planters are categorised as generational planters and not just pots. The difference is these planters will last a lifetime and are not mass-produced. There is no strong association with any particular design period which makes them an ideal element in a timeless setting. They are sculptural pieces for the home and garden.

The unique clay that Atelier uses is from all different regions of Germany. It has a high percentage of Chamotte which is a material that acts like a skeleton within the clay, this gives the planters greater strength after firing, and reduces shrinkages during firing. Variations can occur in the production and this makes the Atelier planters very unique in their physical characteristics.

To view some of their work we’d love for you to pop into our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms for a look, and the Brisbane display stock will be arriving mid-August.

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