Rakumba Introduces Plume: Tom Skeehan's Exploration of Material and Form

Rakumba Introduces Plume: Tom Skeehan's Exploration of Material and Form

Rakumba lighting which stands at the intersection of residential and contract lighting, produce collections that draw inspiration from diverse narratives and possess a European feel, reflecting Australia's multicultural roots. Working with some of the world’s foremost contemporary designers, Rakumba creates a design legacy where relationships are key. 

Above : Plume by Rakumba 

Above: Inside the Rakumba factory

In collaboration with acclaimed Australian designer Tom Skeehan, Rakumba unveiled their latest lighting collection: Plume. Grounded in a love for materials research and Skeehan's transparent experimentation, Plume showcases the designer's innovative approach to transforming sheet aluminium into a graceful three-dimensional form.

The Skeehan Studio

From an early age, Tom Skeehan was drawn to art and design, growing up in a creative family. Some of his earliest memories involve working with his father at his drafting table. Supported from a young age to pursue his passion, it took Tom a few years before formally studying industrial design. He gained experience working for a furniture maker and a contract furniture company, immersing himself in the industry even before acquiring formal skills.

Above: Portrait of Tom Skeehan

Tom eventually enrolled in an Industrial Design program, where he fell in love with the process and deep material research. After graduating, he turned down a job offer at Breville to start his own studio. Despite numerous setbacks, including failed products and investing everything in trade fair booths, he persevered. His breakthrough came when he landed a product with Stylecraft, opening new doors and providing the cash flow needed to grow his company to its current success. (Yellowtrace)

Above: Image inside Skeehan Studio, courtesy of the Skeehan Studio Instagram.

Established in 2011, Skeehan Studio is known for their dedication to problem-solving and collaboration, delivering a diverse range of projects across multiple disciplines and mediums. Like Rakumba, the studio is built on creative partnerships and values the exchange of knowledge and the uniqueness each collaborative experience brings to their designs. Not only does Skeehan Studio prioritise these collaborative experiences, but they also value lifelong learning and aim to improve the ways we live, work, and play through their thoughtful and creative designs.

The Art of Material Transformation

Plume’s design masterfully manipulates the ductile medium of sheet aluminium. By controlling the distortion of the material and forming selective regions, Skeehan creates a unique and elegant light fixture. This collection is not only about the material and its appearance but also a tribute to Skeehan's mentorship from the Renowned Canberra designer Robert Foster. The vibrant hues applied to Plume are handled by Foster’s iconic F!NK + Co. anodising team, adding a touch of brilliance to the design.  

“We took a planar 2D material – sheet aluminium – and experimented with an array of processes to transform it. Through this deliberate open investigation, we unveiled unique moments and detailing that can be translated into design and functional inclusions,” says Tom Skeehan. 

Above: Plume in Satin Brass finish

Elegant Finishes and Exceptional Craftsmanship for Any Home Decor

Plume is available in a variety of stunning finishes, each bringing its own character to the collection including, Black, Bronze Mocha, Champagne, Orange, Emerald, Deep Blue anodised finishes and Satin Brass finish. These finishes, combined with its sleek innovative design, highlight the relationship between light, colour, and the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in creating Plume.

Above: Black, Deep Blue, Bronze Mocha, Emerald, Orange, Champagne, anodised finishes.

The Plume collection enriches any home decor with its versatility and style. It serves as an elegant focal point, enhancing sophistication through sleek design and vibrant finishes that create a modern and inviting atmosphere. Its unique character and refined craftsmanship elevate the aesthetic appeal of any room. Whether as a statement piece or complementing existing decor, Plume's diverse finishes and timeless design offer versatile choices.

Beyond its material and aesthetic appeal, Plume embodies the mentorship Tom Skeehan received from Robert Foster, reminding us that creativity and a passion for experimentation can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The collection celebrates the joy of discovery and explores the intricate relationship between light, colour, and design.

Explore the Plume collection online and consult with our knowledgeable staff to discover how Plume can complement your decor seamlessly.

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