Italian Artistry At Its Finest: The Potocco Experience

Italian Artistry at its Finest: The Potocco Experience

In the world of luxury furniture, Italian craftsmanship is renowned for its impeccable quality and exquisite attention to detail. At Cosh Living, we are proud to bring you the finest selection of Potocco furniture, where Italian artistry reaches its pinnacle. Each piece is a testament to the rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with innovative design to create sophisticated, timeless furniture. 

Velis by PotoccoAbove: Velis Armchair by Potocco

A family-run company founded by Domenico Potocco in 1919 in Manzano, Italy, Potocco's artisans possess experience and expertise passed down through generations. Their skilful hands bring life to each piece, every curve meticulously shaped, and every surface expertly finished. The result is beautiful furniture that stands the test of time.

Our Potocco Partnership

A heritage that spans the entire 20th century has led Potocco to collaborate with leading international design firms and achieve an important role in the Made in Italy story of excellence. Cosh Living has a long history working with Potocco, and we are proud to be able to bring their Italian furniture to the Australian market. We feature a curated range of Potocco, with pieces for the dining room, living room, bedroom and alfresco dining areas. 

Velis Office Chair by PotoccoVelis Swivel Chair by PotoccoAbove: Velis Office Chair by Potocco

Materials of Distinction: What Goes into Luxury Furniture?

At Cosh Living, true luxury begins with the selection of premium materials. Potocco furniture is no exception, with every piece crafted using only the finest materials. From the rich warmth of solid timber to the elegance of bronzed brass, each material is carefully chosen for its distinctive qualities and aesthetic appeal. Even after a century, Potocco still manages all production stages internally, from hand-weaving to the processing of wood and metals.

Grace Tables by PotoccoAbove: Grace Tables by Potocco

Italian artisans have a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of wood. Potocco furniture showcases the finest timber, celebrating unique grain and appearance of the material. As seen in the Sen collection, the richness of the timber adds a sense of luxury, sophistication and warmth to the design. 

Anfora Table by PotoccoAbove: Anfora Table by Potocco

For those with an affinity for the classic, refined appeal of marble, the Potocco range features several pieces, such as the Anfora, a solid and striking dining table whose shape takes inspiration from an ancient Greek vase, available in Carrara marble and Canaletto walnut or Bronzed glass.

Italian Design

Italian design has long been synonymous with refinement and sophistication; Potocco furniture exemplifies these qualities. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to enhance your living experience, providing comfort and functionality without compromising on style.

Bon Bon by PotoccoAbove: Bon Bon Tables by Potocco

Whether it's a distinctive dining table that effortlessly accommodates guests like the Bon Bon or a sofa equally ideal for relaxing or entertaining such as the Spring, Potocco furniture will easily answer your needs. 

Spring Collection by PotoccoAbove: Spring Chair by Potocco 

From the clean silhouettes of contemporary designs to the timeless elegance of classic styles, Potocco furniture offers a range of options to suit various tastes and interior aesthetics. From the base materials to meticulous craftsmanship, each piece is a harmonious blend of beauty, functionality and versatility that reflects the rich heritage of Italian design. 

At Cosh Living, we invite you to indulge in the world of Potocco furniture and experience true luxury in your home. Our expert design team is available for consultation and always delighted to help you plan ways to enhance your space. Speak to our team to get started. 

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