KIDA Wins Best Outdoor Living in the Wallpaper 2022 Design Awards!

KIDA Wins Best Outdoor Living in the Wallpaper 2022 Design Awards!

The KIDA Hanging Lounger designed by Stephen Burks for Dedon, has won the Best Outdoor Living category in the Wallpaper 2022 Design Awards.

The Wallpaper Design Awards is a global family of contributors that celebrate the very best of design – in all its forms. This year’s awards were judged by an esteemed panel who were presented with an array of designs from many different designers. From all the entrants, it was the KIDA Hanging Lounger, that took the honour of being awarded the winner in the 'Best Outdoor Living' category.

 Dedon's announcement of the KIDA Hanging Lounger being awarded the 'Best Outdoor Living' Award of 2022. 

Stephen Burks has designed the KIDA Hanging Lounger to be as delightful to look at, as it is to use. The inspiration of this collection is alluded to in its appellation.

Kida-san inspired the name for the feeling of this project and continues to bless it with success: (Ki) Tree for its open structure and support & (Da) Grassy Field blowing in the wind, for which we will always be grateful - Stephen Burks. 

This is the first DEDON collection to be wrapped rather than woven in DEDON’s fiber touch. The 824 meters of fiber touch, wrapped around a powder-coated aluminium frame, makes this design as beautiful as it is technically superb. Wrapped in innovation, the KIDA is incredibly lightweight and sturdy.    

The KIDA Hanging lounger, pictured in the Glow Touch frame. Multi-colored and vibrant, glow touch is an inviting mélange that exudes a fun and playful character.

Featuring an open cradle-like form, this lounger provides the ideal seat in which to sit, swing and relax. Its organic form, that draws inspiration from its namesake, creates a lounger that is open, airy, light and inviting. Once inside users can enjoy the luxurious outdoor cushion covering the entire seating area, which is positioned perfectly for lounging or lying back.      

The Hanging Lounger is versatile in its suspension capabilities. Whether it is attached to its optional base or suspended using the included hanging beam, KIDA is the perfect place to relax creating space and time for yourself.

The KIDA Hanging Lounger, suspended in its accompanied aluminium frame base. Perfectly capturing the expansive views it is facing. 

DEDON was born out of a love and willingness to think outside the box, in pursuit of quality. They were the first to weave synthetic fibers onto luxurious designs, the first to enable absolute premium quality and the first to become a leading global brand – paving the way for the woven furniture industry. It is no coincidence, that 30 years later one of their designs, in collaboration with Burks, has landing them such an honour.

Congratulations to Stephen Burks and the entire DEDON team on a well deserved win.

The KIDA Hanging Lounger can be viewed in many of the Cosh Living showrooms, in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. For more information, or to visit one of our showrooms, get in touch here.

Alternatively you can shop the KIDA Hanging Lounger online here.

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