Living Room Planning With Kett Sofas

Living Room Planning With Kett Sofas

The earliest form of the modern living room, known as the "parlour" or "parlour room," predates the 19th century. Before this period, the parlour served as a versatile space for various reception and public functions within grand, formal residences during different historical periods. Originally, it was considered a status symbol, with the extra space dedicated solely to engaging in conversations and debates with others.

The term 'living room' originated in the late 19th century, and it evolved into a multifunctional space within the house, accommodating various activities. In contrast to the rigid conventions of the Victorian era, the living room provided homeowners with a lively setting to entertain guests and, more importantly, offered a liberating space to express their individuality.

In the contemporary context of 2023, the living room continues to serve as a sanctuary for self-expression and a place of rest. It offers the perfect canvas to harmoniously blend comfort and elegance, creating an inviting environment suitable for both hosting guests and cherishing family moments.

When embarking on the task of designing an appealing living space, it is crucial to focus on the most important central elements of the room first, number one being the sofa. Beyond serving as a place of comfort, the sofa plays a defining role in shaping the overall style and ambience of the space. 

Steps to Finding Your Perfect Sofa

Our range of Kett sofas are handcrafted in Australia to the highest possible standard and contains a variety of modular and set pieces ideal for a contemporary, comfortable living room. All sofas from Kett can be customised through a selection of fabrics and leather to give you the exact style you are looking for. 

Erskine Modular Sofa by KettErskine Sofa by Kett


When embarking on the project for the perfect sofa for your living room, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to carefully consider available space and the planned layout for your living room to ensure your new piece will fit. From statement modular sofas to compact solutions, the Kett sofa collection caters to all dimensions, ensuring seamless integration with your surroundings.


Next, you should consider the level of comfort provided by your choice of sofa. If you plan to spend long periods of time sitting in them, it’s important that they be as comfortable as possible. Seek generous cushioning, ergonomic support, and meticulously selected upholstery materials that cocoon you and your guests in unrivalled comfort.


Finally, consider the style and aesthetic of your space, as a piece that doesn’t fit in will stand out and detract from the room’s effect. Whether your taste leans towards contemporary elegance or classical allure, the Kett sofa collection offers a diverse range of designs, each crafted to complement a myriad of interior styles. 

Erskine SofaErskine Sofa by Kett

If your living room is generously sized and you’re looking to add a touch of contemporary design, the Erskine sofa, whose design is inspired by waterfalls, will add the perfect blend of comfort and modern aesthetic to your space. The sweep of its arms references natural curvilinear forms, while generous cushioning makes sitting upright for conversation or sinking back to relax equally delightful.

Erskine Sofa Erskine Sofa by Kett

The Avoca’s compact frame is a subtle nod to mid-century Scandinavian design and gives it and your living room an air of lightness. The Avoca is available as both a modular and set-piece sofa, and its range of small to large-size options allow you to tailor an exact fit for your space. 

Avoca Sofa by KettAvoca Sofa by KettAvoca Sofa by Kett

If you are looking for a more traditional style, Belle’s classic features, combined with its fine timber base, create a timeless and elegant design ideal for luxury lounging. Its kiln-dried hardwood frame and steel-sprung frame give it a lasting presence. Our range of four-length options allows you to easily choose the perfect Belle for your space, and its various timber stain colours make it easy to tailor to your room’s aesthetic.

Belle Sofa by KettBelle SofaBelle Sofa by Kett

For those seeking to bring elegance to their living room design, the contemporary Johanna is a great fit for many aesthetics. Its curvaceous form is executed with exceptional attention to detail, and its deceptive lightness and compact frame make it ideal for living rooms with limited space.

Johanna Sofa by KettJohanna Sofa by Kett

The Otway sofa’s contemporary minimal design is modelled on the Otway Ranges. Its soft timber profile echoes the magnificent Mountain Ash trees of the ranges, and its elegant base and legs are crafted from solid oak.

Otway Sofa by KettOtway Sofa by Kett

Like the mountains, it’s patterned after, the Otway comes in a range of sizes and modular forms.

Otway Modular SofaOtway Modular Sofa by Kett

Our teams are specialists in designer luxury furniture and would be delighted to help you find the perfect sofa for your living room vision. All of our pieces can be personalised to your taste through a wide selection of fabrics and leather from Australia’s leading fabric houses and various stain options for timber components. Visit one of our showrooms or get in touch with us today. 

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