Love Your Outdoor Moments - New Manutti Collections

Love Your Outdoor Moments - New Manutti Collections

For over 16 years, Manutti have shared an insatiable drive to create and inspire. In fact, they are as passionate about the process as they are about the final piece.

From the first sketches, the choice of materials and the creation, to the moment the outdoor furniture finds a home where it belongs. 

This love for creation goes hand in hand with their attention to detail. An outdoor space is changed by our sensory experience of it. The way the fabric feels on our skin or the warmth of the top of a dining table.
Handmade pieces carry those tactile experiences in them from the start. That is why Manutti value craftsmanship in all they make.

The new arrivals strike a balance between inspiration and innovation. They are infused with passion and personality; from the clean-lined timber elements of the Solid chair collection, the intricately handwoven ropes of our Kobo couch to the sophisticated metal work of the Duo chair. The latest designs are the result of true craftsmanship, drive and high quality standards.

Solid Chairs

Solid is fashioned from solid teak and reputed for its infallible durability. Its lines simultaneously evoke the power of an extensively crafted wood, solidity with a backrest joined to both the legs and the arm rests, and comfort thanks to its delicately crafted plush seating that perfectly moulds the body.

Torsa Tables

Slender and lightweight with its sculpted solid wood base, Torsa Tables showcase multiple styles: Scandinavian, with a solid coloured stone top. Italian, featuring a sophisticated faux marble top. Mineral, a monochrome version made of ceramic.
Dining tables, bistro tables or coffee tables, Torsa provides the perfect fit. Romantic dinner or festive banquet, the sizes are suitable for both small or large spaces, outdoors or indoors, private homes and businesses.

Kobo Sofa

Even just at a passing glance, the Kobo collection leaves a lasting impression on account of its seemingly classic design. Its technical complexity becomes apparent upon closer examination.

The deep, plush seating with curved lines makes the 1-seater armchair and the 3-seater sofa extremely comfortable and inviting. They both come with pillow-like backrests for maximum comfort and a range of deco cushions in a colour of your liking. With an invisible frame, all eyes are drawn to its hand woven rope structure.

Available with Silver or Anthracite rope, and the cushions are made locally in a fabric of your choosing.

Touch Ottomans

The new Touch ottomans highlight the calming design of the entire Manutti collection. With their soft lines and mild colours, they set the pace for the living spaces by providing a customisable comfort.

Developed specifically for outdoor use, they poufs are treated to provide increased resistance to UV rays. They are available in round and rectangular versions.

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