Luxury Redefined: Experience the Comfort & Style of Tribù Chairs

Luxury Redefined: Experience the Comfort & Style of Tribù Chairs

Dining Chairs by Tribù

One of the world's oldest manufacturers of high-end outdoor furniture, Tribu, is still family owned and operated. Since the early nineties, Tribù has advocated that our outdoor living areas should be just as comfortable and stylish as our interior spaces. As a result, the designer outdoor furniture produced by the Belgian design brand are internationally coveted and distributed in over sixty countries. 

Tribù's philosophy is that outdoor spaces should be places for people to relax in comfort and leave behind the stress of daily life. Believing that perfectly placed garden furniture can create a magical atmosphere, Tribù develops timeless and beautiful pieces in a blend of quality, simplicity, and contemporary elegance. The timeless appeal of their pieces is a testament to the skill and dedication of their designers, an international team including Monica Armani and Studio Segers.

Amanu by TribuAmanu Armchair by Tribu

When it comes to outdoor dining chairs, there are so many available options on the market that it can be difficult to choose. Tribù has created a range of dining chairs that stand the test of time, both in their durability and their aesthetic. Using a restrained colour palette, their designs offer versatility and a sense of tranquillity, creating the perfect ambience for relaxation. 

Amanu Dining Chairs 

Designed to celebrate the art of distillation, the Amanu collection is furniture reduced to its purest and most essential form. The woven hemp-based sling seats create the illusion of a floating chair, juxtaposing elegance and airiness with the sturdy solidity of the generously-proportioned teak frame.  

Amanu Dining Chairs by Tribu Amanu Armchair by Tribu

Contour Dining Chairs  

The eponymous curves and outlines of the powder-coated aluminium frame give the Contour collection a modern appeal. The philosophy of the design follows a single tube that contorts to create the outline of the pieces in one continuous line, a seemingly effortless complex design. 

Contour Dining Chairs by TribuContour Dining Chair by TribuContour Arm Chair by Tribu

Paired with the illusion created by the weather-resistant Tricord backing, which seems to float unsupported, the effect created embodies the ethereal aesthetic Tribù strives for.

Tosca Dining Chairs 

The Tosca range results from Tribù calling on Monica Armani to create their first female-designed outdoor furniture collection. Its rounded forms, elegant, tapered legs, and generous padding bring comfort and elegance to any space they're added to. From counter height to low dining, the Tosca range includes chairs to match furniture at any height, as well as more relaxed lounging pieces.

Tosca Dining Chairs by TribuTosca Arm Chair by Tribu

The Tosca range is a triumph of engineering and design; the braided material that gives them their comfort is an innovative foam mousse sheathed in a knitted covering, allowing it to resist weather while remaining surprisingly soft. 

Tosca Dining Chairs by TribuTosca Low Dining Chair by Tribu

Nodi Dining Chairs 

For those in search of a light, airy feel in their furniture, consider the NODI collection. The twisted and interlaced rope stretched across a precise geometric frame creates a refined, minimalist feel while still offering support. The open weaving used in the easy chair and armchair is a combination of PVC and natural hemp, providing a comfortable seating experience while remaining weather-safe.

Nodi Dining Chairs by TribuNodi Armchair by Tribu

Branch Dining Chairs 

Inspired by the graceful forms of tree branches, the Branch outdoor dining chairs radiate a seamless and natural allure. Beyond their laid-back and airy appearance, these chairs encompass a masterful design achieved through the use of refined materials. 

Branch Dining Chairs by TribuBranch Arm Chair by Tribu

Available as a side chair and armchair The cast aluminium frame harmoniously melds with a polypropylene seat and backrest, strengthened by the addition of glass fibre. This amalgamation of materials not only guarantees durability but also emphasises recyclability and effortless upkeep.

Brach Dining Chair by TribuBranch Side Chair by Tribu

Illum Dining Chairs 

The Illum Armchair captures the enduring essence of Scandinavian furniture design, infused with contemporary outdoor materials. Aluminum emulates the elegance of sculpted wood, effortlessly merging clean and gentle contours.

Illum Dining Chair by TribuIllum Arm Chair by Tribu

With a focus on functionality and comfort, the gracefully curved backrest not only offers a minimalist tapered design but a contoured back support, ensuring a comfortable dining experience.

Illum Dining Chair by Tribu Illum Arm Chair by Tribu

The seat, meticulously crafted from Batyline, elevates both the chair's aesthetics and durability. Batyline's robustness, UV resistance, rapid drying, and resistance to dirt and moisture play a pivotal role in preserving its enduring charm.

Choosing a Dining Setting That Suits You 

Our range of Tribù dining chairs is luxurious, timeless, and durable, ideal for enhancing your outdoor space no matter your aesthetic. Our expert team can help you find the perfect piece for your setting. Book a design consult or Speak to our team to get started.

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