Maintaining Outdoor Furniture - What You Need To Know!

Maintaining Teak Furniture In The Rainy Seasons

There is no doubt that the east coast of Australia has suffered with wet weather this year. Devastating floods, endless rain - there has been a deluge of damaging conditions. 

One of the primary outdoor furniture pieces that can be affected is teak furniture. Teak is a natural material, and responds to the environment around it. During times of ongoing wet weather we are often contacted by our clients whose teak has suffered under the elements. The good news is - most of this suffering is only surface deep, and with a little maintenance and on-going care, your teak will come back to life and look incredible for many more years to come.  

The Forrest Lounge Collection boasts solid teak frames. These frames will develop a patina over time without additional maintenance. 

Teak furniture is a popular material of choice for many Australian homes. 

Crafted to feel warm, inviting, and natural – teak outdoor furniture supports a relaxed Australian aesthetic. Just like the changing of the seasons, your teak furniture will mirror the transitions of it's surrounds.

When teak is new, it emits a beautiful golden hue. When left outside, teak will turn silver from exposure to sun and rain. Known commonly as the ‘patina’ of teak, it is the natural ageing process. This patina is actually loved by many, as it's a very distinctive 'teak' look. However, this patina can be removed, and the golden hue restored with just a little effort. 

Imagine a tree - it's trunk silvered and marked by time on earth. Now imagine someone comes to cut down the tree. Inside the tree is a rich, golden core. The tree grew the silver outer layer to protect itself. That's exactly what your timber furniture is doing, protecting itself. It is a good thing! 

However, if you prefer the smooth golden colour - you can apply some products and cleaning practices that will do the protecting for you.  

According to teak restoration specialist, Par Arnoldson from Sydney Staining Services, the key to maintaining ongoing care of timber furniture is to avoid “neglecting the timber [instead], do regular cleaning of the setting with warm soapy water and a soft bristle”.

As seen above; a transformation from the team at Sydney Staining Services, featuring our Mood Armchairs and Table from Tribu. These have been beautifully restored to their former glory. 


"I've always been intrigued by the beautiful patterns in the timber grain. Timber restoration is a very rewarding process because you get to see the timber transform from weathered, tired and damaged to clean, revitalised and beautifully brand new"

Par Arnoldson - Design Director of Sydney Staining Services


Alongside silvering, a common response to ongoing humid conditions is mould growing on your teak. If we return to the tree analogy - imagine moss growing on the tree. It's not inherent to the internal material of the tree, but rather a little friend who has come along for the ride and can be removed with ease. 



Above is more incredible work from the team at Sydney Staining Services, featuring our Mood Armchairs by Tribu and Addis Table from Tribu

For the do-it-yourself homeowners, Teak Sealer can be applied to new teak or old teak furniture after it has been cleaned. If Teak Sealer is applied every season, a simple cleaning with water and a pH neutral soap will do. Teak Sealer is not the same as varnish. It is breathable, letting the natural oils escape without bubbling or peeling.

Teak furniture that is left undercover can be maintained and restored once a year. The pieces that may be exposed to prolonged sunlight or rain should be restored every 6 months. 

Want to restore the teak at home? 

Read our Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture Blog or get in touch with your local Cosh Living showroom for more information and product recommendations.  

If you're not confident to do it yourself, contact your local teak specialist. Sydney based clients can look to Sydney Staining Services to do a fantastic job. 

The Amanu Armchair by Tribu, brings interior quality outside, combining comfort and sustainability. The chairs slimline-teak frame, provide lightness and grace, making the chairs extremely comfortable and stylish. 

Some of our popular teak pieces include:

Addis Teak Dining Table by Kett

The Addis Teak Dining Table is a simple, easy teak table to suit the Australian outdoors and can be paired with many different styles of dining chairs in teak, aluminium or wicker. Exposed to rain and sun, teak will develop a silver-grey patina over time. 

Teak Table and Chairs by KettPictured: Addis Teak Dining Table and Forrest Armchairs by Kett

Tibbo Sofa by Dedon

This timeless lounge furniture is hand-crafted from premium teak from sustainable plantations, providing unrivalled weather-resistance and durability even in the harshest weather conditions. Teak has a lot of natural oil giving a very rich and soft feel - the TIBBO collection was designed to accentuate these properties.

Tibbo Teak Sofa by TribuPictured: Tibbo two-seater Sofa from Dedon


Forrest Lounge Chair by Kett

Designed by Justin Hutchinson, The Forrest Lounge Chair boast a lightweight yet sturdy teak frame. The curvaceous form allows for the grain details to shine through. The solid teak frame offers a sense of embrace when seated in.  

Forrest Teak Lounge ChairPictured: Forrest Lounge Chair by Kett & Hexagon Low Tables by Tribu.  

Vis a Vis Table by Tribu

Teak is designer Cazzaniga’s favourite outdoor material because it's natural, soft to touch and extremely durable. The dining table is made up of beautiful square teak slats, and available in various dimensions including an extra-large table measuring 7 meters!

Vis A Vis Teak Long Dining Table by TribuPictured: Vis a Vis Dining Table by Tribu


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Have a question regarding care of your furniture? Visit our Maintenance and Warranty page for more info. 


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