­­Meet the Designers: A Night of Collaboration and Creativity

­­Meet the Designers: A Night of Collaboration and Creativity

Meet the Designers, an event hosted by our Brisbane showroom and Designer Rugs, brought together the creative talents and teams from both showrooms. The evening featured talks from designers Dan Tracey from Rakumba, Justin Hutchinson from Kett, and local artist Tamika Grant-Iramu, who recently created a stunning collection for Designer Rugs.

As long-time neighbours on Arthur Street, the collaboration between Cosh and Designer Rugs developed naturally over the years, bolstered by shared clientele and a commitment to hosting engaging and informative events. The night, which involved exploring both showrooms, provided a rich and diverse experience.

About 50 dedicated attendees braved a rainy evening in Brisbane to attend this exciting collaborative event. Despite the challenging weather, the strong turnout highlighted the community's enthusiasm for design and collaboration.

The evening was structured around a series of engaging talks, where each designer shared their unique backgrounds, training experiences, and personal design processes. Dan Tracey, Justin Hutchinson, and Tamika Grant-Iramu captivated the audience with stories of their journeys and insights into their current collections.

Dan Tracey discussed his work with Rakumba Lighting, highlighting new products such as Port, Belle, and Pop. Justin Hutchinson shared details about Feathertop, Bellbrae and the Portland Collection, offering a glimpse into his meticulous design approach. Tamika Grant-Iramu showcased her exquisite rug collection, which was beautifully displayed, reflecting her deep connection to local art and culture. 

The format of the evening included a structured Q&A session, where a team member asked the designers pre-prepared questions, delving deeper into their creative processes and inspirations. Following the formal Q&A, attendees had ample opportunity to mingle, network, and ask further questions directly to the designers, fostering a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

All of the designers’ products were on display, providing attendees with an up-close look at the innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship that define these collections.

Meet the Designers­­­­ was a successful event that not only showcased the talent and creativity of the featured designers but also reinforced the importance of collaboration and community within the design industry.

Attendees left inspired, with new connections and a deeper appreciation for the innovative work being produced by Cosh, Designer Rugs, and their talented collaborators. As the evening ended, it was clear that despite the weather, the passion for design shone brightly.

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