Nature at Home with Atelier Vierkant

Nature at Home with Atelier Vierkant

After your health, your home environment is the next most personal thing in life. It’s a private retreat, a place where you should be able to lock the door on the rest of the world and feel relaxed and secure. In times of economic and political uncertainty, it’s been harder than ever to close that door when anxieties of daily life outside have been brought indoors.

We build our homes and surround ourselves with beautiful objects, materials and furnishings that we trust in; those we like to live amongst and connect with. We identify with the space in which we live and use the home as a shelter to disconnect from an impersonal urban context. We strive to create intensely personal spaces through imagery, colour, art, materials and furnishings, where evidence of life brings unique character and comfort.

Instead of fake, artificial materials like plastic and composites which are not what they pretend to be, we gravitate towards belongings and natural materials that simply are what they are: wool, leather, wood and clay. This is because we feel most at home in places where we can connect with nature.

By introducing clay into the realm of home, Atelier Vierkant supports the use of a material that humans have been able to enjoy and connect with ever since ancient times. The imperfections of each hand-crafted pot or sculpture make it unique and priceless.

Textures allow more than one sense to be used at once, and ensure the viewer a full sensorial experience. It gives beauty to the shape and plays with natural light on the surface of the vases.  The Atelier Vierkant collection provides customers with 16 different textures that can be applied to many different shapes and forms. They can also be mixed and matched with 8 clay colours, resulting in the widest display of possible combinations to match each client’s home and expectations in the most personal and unique way.

Discover our range of Atelier Vierkant pots here.

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