Creating Mood With Outdoor Lighting

Creating Mood With Outdoor Lighting

At Cosh Living, we offer a range of outdoor lighting options, from hanging pendants to portable lanterns. Available in a range of modern styles and finishes, it is simple to include dynamic touch to your space. 

Designed by some of Europe’s leading industrial designers, our range of outdoor lighting is built and tested for alfresco living. No need to panic when the rain starts to fall, your lanterns are built to survive the weather. However, like all outdoor furniture and accessories, if you can store your lighting out of the elements when you’re not using them for long periods of time - like holidays or bleak winters – this will ensure you get the longest life possible out of your lanterns. 

Here we take you through the benefits of adding lighting to your garden, balcony, deck or patio - and the range of ways they can be used to enhance your outdoor setting.

Above: A beautiful outdoor setting, featuring the Monsieur Tricot outdoor lights, hanging as a cluster of pendants and portable Monsieur Tricot lanterns set on the ground. Seen here with the Tao outdoor dining table and Elio armchairs. 

Setting The Mood

Whether it's a lively alfresco dinner party, romantic drinks for two, or curling up with a cup of tea after a long day - setting the mood of your outdoor scene is very important. The mood is created by adding softness and creating an inviting atmosphere. Harsh overhead lights & spotlights are an instant mood killer.

Instead, replace them with a series of lanterns, providing gentle, pleasant and flattering light. Scattering them around your sofa or outdoor dining table, where people are interacting casts a nice bright glow onto people's faces, food and objects. Placing the lanterns on the edges of your outdoor setting creates a soft boundary of light, and pulls focus to the inside of the ring of light, creating intimacy and cosiness as you focus on each other.

Above: An elegant outdoor lounge setting, using THE OTHERS lanterns in a range of sizes and shapes to create ambience and intimacy. Featured here with the BRIXX sofa, PORCINI coffee table and DALA lounge chair. 

Lighting The Way

Let lighting be a gentle introduction to the space, highlighting the beauty of your landscape both natural and manmade. Outdoor lanterns can be used to accent feature areas and highlight boundaries and dark pathways. Using lighting on approach to your outdoor scene can build anticipation and excitement for the reveal of the scene you have prepared. When choosing lanterns with rechargeable LED illumination, there is no need to worry about dangerous cords to trip over in the dark.


Above: Monsieur Tricot lanterns & Teak outdoor lanterns by Tribu creating an illuminated pathway.

Need quite a bit of light to illuminate your lounge setting? Think about choosing lanterns that sit at different heights - so you are casting light on a range of levels. Mixing and matching sizes and shapes from the same collection can be a great way to add in extra glow, but keep the scene refined and interesting. 

The Loon lanterns by Dedon are a great way to achieve this look - a stronger luminance and enhanced charm when paired together. 

Adding Beauty with Reflections & Shadows

Reflected light is a beautiful sight in the evening. When deciding on where to place your lights and lanterns - think not just about the lanterns themselves, but the reflections they create. Reflections on the pool's surface, or on the glass windows and doors, let reflection amplify the atmosphere that you’re creating. 

The same goes for shadows - let shadows of your lanterns be a feature to add flair and drama. 

Above: Monsieur Tricot standing lanterns, illustrating where you place lanterns makes a difference! Shown here casting both beautiful reflections and shadows.   

Adding Beauty with Sculpture

Recent advances in technology have meant the materials used in outdoor lighting are more durable and more experimental than ever before. Say goodbye to glowing blue plastic balls and electric tea lights.

The materials used are looking more natural and similar to the look and attention to detail you have for indoor accessories. It's now easy to add beautiful accents to your outdoor setting that mimic the luxury of indoor areas. The knitted & crocheted sheath of the Monsieur Tricot lanterns are a great example of this, especially when hung in pendant clusters above dining tables.

Explore lanterns with sculptural forms and intricate details - to act as art pieces, not just lighting. The varied forms of THE OTHERS lanterns by Dedon add sophistication with a playful touch.

Above: THE OTHERS lanterns by DEDON - sculptural and beautiful outdoor lighting sitting poolside. 


Inspired? Here is a summary of our go-to lanterns featured in this piece.

Monsieur Tricot by Tribu

A collection of distinctive knitted outdoor lighting, designed by Belgian designer Ilia Eckardt. This beautiful collection of lanterns features innovative knitting techniques and weatherproof cords.

The handmade globe cast beautiful shadows, and are available as standing lanterns or patched in outdoor pendants. 


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Loon by DEDON

Sitting on a pedestal of premium teak, the LOON lamps designed by Sebastian Herkner bring personality to outdoor entertaining areas. These outdoor lights cast a warm, ambient glow.  Made from motomolded polyethylene and a premium teak base.  

Loon Lighting

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Teak Lanterns by Tribu

Made from premium teak and thermically strengthened glass, these outdoor lanterns display clusters of candles and add a classic, refined look. Create variation by alternating the two sizes, and combine the teak stand for extra height. 

Tribu Lanterns

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The Others by DEDON

THE OTHERS are a a collection of lanterns. These playful outdoor lights are hand-woven in a variety of colours and sizes, and are available in hanging or free-standing versions. 

Individual lanterns look great scattered amongst an outdoor setting, or opt for one of the tall statues with totem-like qualities. Made from powder-coated aluminium frames and  Synthetic DEDON fibre.


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