Plants and more to bring nature to your home.

Plants and more to bring nature to your home.

People love nature. We may live in growing urban environments, but we still need that green space in our lives.

We smile when we see plants and flowers, it’s rewarding when we get our hands dirty in the garden and enjoyable to grow food for ourselves. Bring that feeling into your own backyard, no matter how big or small it may be.

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While plants will grow wherever they can, including up and over your back fence, some control is needed. Fences or other boundaries, through which climbing plants can be threaded, feature walls with contrasting potted plants, or eye catching vertical gardens are all great ways of defining your space.

The walls provide a backdrop to your garden and can transform it into a real feature of your home. Accentuate your garden space with artwork or outdoor lighting, especially effective at night time. Decorative tiles can also work, and can bring a Mediterranean feel to your outdoor living space.

Filling the space with plants is more than just visiting your local nursery and buying them at random. Spend some time carefully planning the design so the end result is appealing to the eye, and also works for the health of the plants.

Some plants work well in an urban environment better than others. Some enjoy being ground cover and may quickly create a carpet of green. While others will shoot upwards towards the light, and might be too tall for your garden or cut off the sunlight from the lower growing plants.

Some plants require a lot of water and nurturing, while others are suited to a more barren environment. You may love the look of some seasonal plants, but when they drop all their leaves for the winter you could be left with a lifeless garden. Succulents can be a great alternative.

Tall growing plants can be good for giving the illusion of height and space, but be aware they may require pruning and maintenance, and they often have wide roots to support them which can affect your paving.

Fruit trees are also a wonderful way to enhance your garden and give you fresh fruit to eat. Planting a citrus tree into a large ceramic pot is an eye-catching feature. It also restricts the growth height of the plant so it does not dominate the space. Some nurseries even have orange and lemon hybrid trees which grow both fruits from the one tree. The scent which these trees produce is divine.

This greening of your outdoor space also brings nature to your back door. There’s nothing like the sound of birds singing in the morning.

Pairing the green space with some garden furniture can really enhance the space. Select furniture that will complement the colour of your garden and take your garden space to the next level.

Consider a water feature big or small for a tranquil feel. Sun Lounges with an ice bucket or other functional accessories, placed beneath a canopy of wide-leafed plants can be an excellent place to escape, unwind and spend time to yourself with a book and a cool drink.

For more ideas, we welcome you to peruse through the stunning photography on our website by Tribu and Dedon – leading manufacturers of outdoor furniture worldwide. They certainly know the art of living the good life outside.

Alternatively, wander into any of our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and be inspired.


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