Salone de Mobile 2024: Recap

Salone de Mobile 2024: Recap

This year's Salone del Mobile showcased a vibrant display of creativity and innovation, featuring 1,950 exhibitors from 35 countries and drawing record-breaking attendance. This surge in international participation highlighted the event's global significance and reflected a growing passion for design and luxury living.

Against this dynamic backdrop, our partners—Atelier Vierkant, Potocco, Dedon, Rakumba, and Tribu—seized the opportunity to shine within their impressive exhibition spaces. 


They showcased new products, hosted talks, and demonstrated expertise, adding to the event's buzz and enhancing its global appeal. Each partner's unique perspective contributed to the excitement and success of Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024.


Tribu unveiled new additions to the Amanu collection by Yabu Pushelberg, including a signature three-seat sofa and luxurious daybed, complemented by uniquely shaped coffee tables. This expansion completed an elegant outdoor living ensemble, demonstrating Tribu's commitment to timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Above: Amanu Sofa release by Tribu



Dedon's exhibition centred around the theme "Beyond Boundaries: Innovation Inspired by Nature," marking a milestone in the evolution of DEDON Fibre. The showcase featured hand-woven novelties that not only demonstrated craftsmanship but also highlighted sustainability. Guests from the design world, including press figures, visionary designers, and architects, attended the exhibition, providing valuable feedback and reaffirming Dedon's commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor luxury living.

Above: Designers Stephen Burks, jean-Marie Massaud, Sebastian Herkner at Dedon's"Beyond Boundaries: Innovation Inspired by Nature exhibition.

Atelier Vierkant 

Atelier Vierkant captivated visitors with a stunning display of new handcrafted ceramic designs, showcasing a year-long exploration of surfaces, textures, and shapes.
A standout piece was Mira, a vessel crafted at Clay Laboratories in Belgium, with an imperfect circle design celebrating artisanal craftsmanship. Mira's rugged surface was transformed into a masterpiece with carefully applied lines and textures. 

Above: Torsa by Atelier Viekant

Another highlight was Taalo, a large vessel with an irregular top rim and captivating curves. Its wavy surface boasted Bordeaux red and dark green patterns, creating a vibrant interplay of colours. Taalo's turned and twisted rim gave rise to Torsa, defined by playful circles and lines that added to its unique aesthetic.

Above: Ceramic textured tiles display at Atelier Viekant exhibition.

The exhibition also introduced new variations of Atelier Vierkant's seating objects, alongside reinterpretations of the Anthos and Adamas designs. A standout feature was Cube-S, a cube showcasing shifted lines, twists, and innovative texture and color engineering.


Potocco unveiled its newest indoor and outdoor living solutions at a new exhibition location, designed by Binocle and art directed by Chiara Andreatti. The setup created a captivating atmosphere, blending indoor and outdoor settings seamlessly.

Above: Jade Sofa by Potocco

The stand showcased Potocco's latest products, expanded collections, and best sellers, all featuring refined finishes and a sophisticated colour palette. This presentation underscored Potocco's reputation for quality and innovative furniture design.  
Explore Potocco's Milan 2024 virtual showroom here.


Rakumba made a significant impact with its ‘Enlightened Living’ exhibit at Valcucine in Brera, Milan.

Above: KYN by Ilja Huber, a new release from Rakumba 

The exhibition, which coincided with EuroCucina Milan, showcased over 100 luminaires, making it the largest international display of Australian lighting to date. Collaborations with renowned design firms like Neri & Hu, i29, and ARRCC resulted in ‘Architectural Scenarios’ that reimagined luxury kitchen and living spaces, highlighting the versatility of Valcucine’s designs.

Above: Potter DS by Rakumba 

The Salone is not only a cultural gathering but also a vital business and networking hub, attracting professionals like buyers, architects, interior designers, and media from across the globe. Throughout the week, attendees engaged in a rich program of design-focused events, including knowledge sharing, training, debates, and discussions.

This event plays a crucial role in fostering product development, job creation, and international networking, influencing emerging market trends and shaping the global design landscape.

Congratulations to all our partners on another successful year!

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