Salty Sea Air

Salty Sea Air

Time is precious and time with my family is the most precious of all. My ideal weekend is one without plans, when we can pack up a couple of beach chairs and escape to the coast. The open sky and the slow rhythm of the waves are the ideal setting to unwind in and to reconnect with what is most important.

Packing up a picnic hamper for a day out takes me back to my own childhood. Nowadays, our time together is more spontaneous, snatched whenever I’m not on call at the hospital. We always bring the Branch beach outdoor chairs from our garden. It’s funny, but in town, they look as contemporary as our house – here on the beach, they remind me of seagulls, light and streamlined.

“As a surgeon I have an eye for precision and how things work, so the seamless way a Branch beach chair appears to float unsuspended appeals to me.”

Of course, it’s tempting just to sit back and drift off to sleep, but my children’s energy is infectious. What is a day at the beach for if you aren’t paddling, chasing, playing hide-and-seek?

My family is growing up so fast. Days like these remind me how important the simple things are, just being together, keeping it simple, listening to my children’s stories and looking forward to the next time we’re together like this.

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