Selecting Outdoor Chair Fabrics

Selecting Fabrics For Outdoor Chairs

Creating an outdoor space that is both luxurious and practical involves many elements, and among the most pivotal are the fabrics chosen for your outdoor chairs. The ideal fabric effortlessly combines durability, aesthetic appeal, and comfort. This guide will be your comprehensive handbook for selecting the ideal outdoor chair fabrics that will stand the test of time, taste, and climate.

Above: Contour Club Chair by Tribu 

Finding the Perfect Chair for Your Outdoor Space: More than Just a Seat

Before you consider fabrics, start by identifying the kind of chair that best suits your outdoor area and lifestyle. Is it an alfresco dining chair, a poolside lounger, or perhaps a plush armchair for fireside chats? Browse our collection of outdoor chairs to find the perfect piece for your space, or consider booking a consultation with our expert design team.

Mbrace Lounge Chair by DEDONAbove: Mbrace Daybed by Dedon 

Key Factors to Consider: Durability, Style, Comfort

The fabric of an outdoor chair is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a declaration of style and an investment in comfort and longevity.

Forrest Lounge Chair by KettAbove: Forrest Lounge Chair by Kett

This material should be resilient enough to endure the capricious Australian weather while providing comfort and an aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement. In a nutshell, the perfect fabric is a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty.


Australian weather can be unforgiving, which means durability is a top priority. Fabrics should be resistant to fading under the scorching sun, as well as capable of repelling water during those unexpected rain showers. High-quality, UV-resistant materials will provide years of unblemished beauty and service. At Cosh we have a selection of tried and tested fabrics that are made from premium materials to ensure long-term performance. 


Senja 1-Seater by TribuAbove: Senja 1-Seater by Tribu


The aesthetic appeal of your chair fabric should be in complete harmony with the overall design ethos of your outdoor space.

Whether you lean towards a modern, minimalist look or favour a traditional, coastal vibe, choose a fabric that amplifies and complements your aesthetic ideals. 

Elio Dining Chairs by TribuAbove: Elio Armchair by Tribu 


Last but certainly not least is comfort. Materials that feel good against the skin and offer support are essential. Textured weaves, although beautiful, should not irritate the skin, while flatter textures should offer a cushy, luxurious feel. Outdoor materials have come a long way, now offering fabrics that have the look and feel of indoor fabrics but still maintain durability for outdoor use.

Nomad Easy Chair by TribuAbove: Nomad Easy Chair by Tribu

Exploring Different Fabrics

Cosh Living sources fabric exclusively from European suppliers at the forefront of fabric technology to upholster our collections. Our outdoor fabrics are extensively tested for resistance to UV, mildew, stains, and wear, and only the highest-scoring fabrics are selected for incorporation into our designs. 

 Nomad Ottomans by TribuAbove: Nomad Poufs by Tribu

Solution Dyed Acrylic

A man-made fibre, Solution Dyed Acrylic is made by adding UV stabilised colour during the manufacturing of the fibre. This means that, in contrast to cheaper fibres where the dye only sits on the surface, the colouring runs through to the centre of the fibre, ensuring the fabric retains its colour over time.


Comprising a durable polyester fibre coated with PVC, Batyline is a completely synthetic material. It is impervious to rot and mildew exhibits excellent UV resistance, and is highly tear-resistant, making it suitable for various environments, including those near water.

Batyline has a slight stretch and memory, allowing it to regain its shape after use. This flexibility eliminates the need for cushions, making it a practical and comfortable option for outdoor seating solutions.

 Nelson Armchair by KettNelson Armchair by KettAbove: Nelson Armchair by Kett 

Solution Dyed Polyolefin

Similarly to Acrylic, Solution Dyed Polyolefin’s colour is inherent to the core of every fibre, providing superb protection against fading. Solution Dyed Polyolefin is used in many of our pieces to give a natural appearance while providing the ultimate in durability and longevity. 

Tosca Daybed by TribuAbove: Tosca Daybed by Tribu

Your Cosh design consultant can assist in choosing a fabric ideal for your aesthetic and environment, as well as providing care advice. 

Caring for Your Chairs

All outdoor furniture needs maintenance to keep it looking it's best. 


Invest in fabric protectors that offer an additional layer of resistance against moisture and stains. Many of our outdoor products come with protective covers that fold up for easy storage when not in use and offer a water and sun-resistant barrier to save your treasured furniture from extreme weather.

Nomad & Tosca Lounge chair by Tribu

Above: Nomad Easy Chair and Tosca Lounge Chair by Tribu


A gentle detergent mixed with warm water works well for routine cleaning. Frequent cleaning not only maintains the fabric's appearance but also extends its lifespan. For more detailed information on cleaning requirements, or to purchase specific cleaning and protective products, visit the Product Maintenance & Warranty Information page on our website where you will find information on how to clean upholstery and other maintenance brochures.

Apollo Lounge Chair by KettApollo by KettAbove: Apollo Lounge Chair by Kett 


Even the highest-quality fabrics are not immune to life's little accidents. Small tears can often be mended at home, while larger issues may require professional intervention. If you have a small or large tear or if your fabric looks tired, Cosh Living’s customer care team can assist in organising repairs or re-upholstery, depending on the best option for you. We are here to assist with both minor and major issues. Simply fill out the form on our Reupholstery Page, and we will be happy to help.


Tosca Lounge ChairAbove: Tosca Lounge Chair by Tribu

Elevating your Outdoor Living Area

By carefully choosing the fabric of your outdoor chairs, you elevate a simple piece of furniture to an artistic statement of comfort and longevity. A well-chosen fabric can transform your outdoor furniture from merely functional to supremely luxurious, allowing you to enjoy the alfresco lifestyle that Australia offers so generously. At Cosh we offer free design consultation and are happy to provide any support in choosing the right fabrics for your space. 

Contour Club ChairsAbove: Contour Club Chair by Tribu

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most durable fabrics for outdoor chairs?

Acrylic fabrics are celebrated for their long-lasting quality and resistance to both UV rays and water. 

What are the best fabrics for outdoor chairs in hot climates? 

Breathable fabrics like olefin and acrylic wick moisture away, making them particularly suitable for hot, arid conditions.

How often should I clean my outdoor chair fabrics?

For moderate use, a quarterly clean is generally sufficient. However, if your chairs are in high-traffic areas or subject to frequent environmental debris, monthly cleaning is advised.

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