Step Inside The Elwood Home

Step Inside The Elwood Home

The Elwood Home, designed by Fieldwork Architects is one of four townhouses that sit along the Elster canal. Built on the traditional lands of the Yaluk-ut Weelam Clan, the home elegantly captures the heritage of place and its surroundings, referencing the myriad of tones and textures found right outside its door. 

This home celebrates Australian design and craftsmanship through carefully selected furniture and accessories from celebrated creatives across Australia. The homeowners looked to Melbourne design studio Kett to fully furnish the home. The Australian landscape has always been the primary inspiration for Melbourne design studio Kett. Kett captures the essence of Australian landscapes and translates them into distinctive furniture collections with a clear story of place.

On the top floor of the home, the master bedroom is set amongst the treetops. This bedroom is populated by Kett’s Otway bedroom collection, creating a calm sanctuary. The Otway collection is defined by soft timber profiles inspired by towering mountain ash, settled fern gullies and forest canopies.  The elegant profile of the Otway Bed curves around its upper edges with piping details in aniline leather, a sophisticated touch. Crafted from the highest quality linen, the natural quilt and pillowcases by In the Sac, are luxuriously soft and welcoming. Two Otway Night Tables introduce balance into the space. Made from oak and stained in colour ‘Light Walnut’ these night tables are the perfect size to store all your treasured items at arm’s reach, with a contemporary minimal look.

Pictured is the Otway Bed draped in linen from In the Sac. Atop the Otway Night Table sits minimal styling and a gorgeous ceramic piece from Ghost Wares.  

Continuing the modern elegance of the home, we shift focus to the living room. The open plan living space is adjacent to the outdoors, with generous bi-fold doors opening onto a balcony overlooking the canal. This space truly is the heart of the Elwood property, providing the perfect place to lounge in comfort and style. The Erskine collection draws inspiration from the beautiful Victorian coastline - the undulating topography leading into Erskine Falls, water cascading from up on high into a lush tree fern gully. The dramatic sweep of the sofa’s arms reference these natural curvilinear forms, whilst the French seam rises up and continues along a ‘ridge’ and back down the other side. Upholstered in an exquisitely full and textured Australian wool boucle, warm neutrals are reminiscent of the soft clouds and mist that grace the valley. The Erskine Sofa is designed with generous proportions, available in a two-seater, 3 seater, lounge chair and modular options.

The Erskine collection is defined by its dramatic curves and French seam details that echoes the undulating landscape and flowing waters of Erskine Falls. Lighting supplied by Rakumba. 

Each variation of the Erskine is crafted with luxurious comfort and exceptional detail as its priorities. This new collection includes a striking coffee table (coming soon). The Erskine coffee table’s soft lines are in conversation with those of the Erskine sofa, two solid timber planes held in tension. Refined rounded legs confidently counter the gentle curve, intersecting the two surfaces. The planes elevate objects from the floor and provide a locale for books, objects and plants. The Otway Lounge Chairs sit as a pair with the setting, their tapered legs and Belgian linen upholstery are in perfect harmony with the Erskine Sofa.

Otway Lounge ChairThe Otway collection is defined by its soft timber profile. The Otway Lounge Chair features a gentle arch in solid ash, tapered legs and refined upholstery in fabric or leather.

The additional elements that reiterate this home's Australian narrative are the artworks and accessories. Ceramics throughout this home are by Ghost Wares Ceramics, a Melbourne based ceramic studio that places an emphasis on creating pieces that are both 'elegant and playful'. Each piece beautifully unique to the expert hand of its maker and representative of the elegant restraint these talented creatives have. The green tonal variation of the ceramics tie effortlessly into the Australian narrative of the home alongside the accompanying artwork.

Complementary blues are seen in the 'Mt Clear' artwork by Anita Beaney. This artwork, sourced from Boom Gallery, perfectly captures a moody Australian scene.

The structural design of the home is second to none. The staircase is lined by eucalyptus green walls and are complement the ash floorboards. Golden tones are highlighted through the afternoon sun which is filtered throughout the home. Linearity is a common feature that ties each space to the next. The line detailing of the home is not only structural yet visually present through the artworks like 'Sweep' by Kasper Raglus. 

 Pictured above are stonewares sourced from Ghost Wares, perched atop the Otway Sideboard. The artwork in the left image 'Mt Clouds' by Anita Beaney and the artwork on the left "Sweep" by Kasper Raglus are sourced from Boom Gallery.

There is nothing more Australian than bringing the outdoors inside through open plan living. Drawing inspiration from the soft timber frame of the Otway Lounge Chair, the frame of Kett’s Forrest Sofa is crafted from solid teak. This three-seater sofa rejoices in natural and timeless quality that speaks directly to the expert hand of its makers.

Forrest Outdoor Lounger Featured is the Forrest Two Seater Sofa which highlights the natural colour-way of its immediate surrounds. 

The kitchen is a meeting point within the home, a shared space that fosters unity and connection. The Elwood kitchen features a gorgeous granite that has been brought to life through the addition of two Kett Wye Barstools. The silhouette of the Wye is defined by the intersection of flowing lines that have no beginning or end. The expansive skylight allows for a flood of natural light into the kitchen space. It is balanced through its repeated use of granite on the entirety of the island bench and splash back. The natural light cast atop the granite, highlights the natural movement within the stone. The Australian identity of the home continues through its repeated use of tones inspired from our landscapes. The Wye stool is powder coated in a silky eucalyptus tone paired with an earthy leather cushion.

Our Wye Stools are complimentary on both tone and function. Atop the granite sits a Ghost Wares pourer, which is more than just another addition to the home, it signifies the project’s continued efforts to recognise and celebrate the beauty Australia has to offer, through both its landscapes and its creatives. 

Each piece inside the Elwood home was carefully selected to marry core values of the homeowners and that of Melbourne Designer, Justin Hutchinson. The furniture in this home celebrates true Australian craftsmanship and an incredible level of precision taken from design through to execution. Beautifully captured by photographer Derek Swalwell, the thoughtful finishes and timeless quality of this home are translated with ease. Modern Australian living has been perfectly executed within this property, and it’s one that Kett has been proud to have been a part of.

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