Teak Outdoor Furniture by DEDON

Teak Outdoor Furniture by DEDON

DEDON have a reputation for being specialists in furniture for outdoor living spaces of all kinds, selecting only the most beautiful and robust materials for every outdoor setting.

No matter what kind of outdoor space you are working with, from covered terraces, exposed poolsides, beachfront decks or sunny narrow balcony – DEDON supply durable outdoor furniture to stand the test of time.

TIBBO outdoor teak dining tableTIBBO Armchairs by DEDON.

DEDON are a German furniture brand known primarily for their iconic fibre. A weaving material invented and pioneered by Dedon, this environmentally-friendly fibre is unrivalled for strength, durability, weather fastness and luxuriousness of colour, texture and touch. It is also recyclable and non-toxic, burning as cleanly as candle wax. DEDON pieces are made by hand with the utmost attention to detail, by expert weavers and craftspeople.

A DEDON weaver at work on an intricate piece, and the beautiful detail of a teak table. 


In recent years, Dedon have been developing a range of outdoor furniture collections that utilise high-quality teak sourced from sustainable plantations. Teak is a valuable timber resource, and important part of our ecosystem. DEDON are part of a program that plants a new teak tree for every tree used. When allowed to age naturally outdoors, teak furniture will slowly turn to a soft, silver grey as surface pigments fade.

Premium teak is from the very core of the teak tree. As such, it is rich in natural tannins and able to withstand harsh weather conditions over an exceptionally long lifetime. The wood is resistant to rain, strong sunlight, freezing conditions and fluctuating temperatures. These qualities make it particularly well-suited to longterm outdoor use. Lower quality, cheaper teak is not as rich in oils and is prone to splitting and cracking in the elements.


The MBRACE Daybed by DEDON, sitting happily on the seashore as the sun sets.

DEDON’s use of premium teak furniture reflects the current moment in design, in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging and softer, more interior feeling finishes are being desired. DEDON’s teak outdoor furniture collections boast a rich material mix of teak, outdoor performance textiles and their famous woven fibre to convey an especially luxurious look and feel.


Outdoor furniture collections by DEDON featuring teak:



Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for DEDON, the TIBBO collection celebrates teak. Featuring lounge furniture - outdoor sofas, lounge chairs coffee & side tabled, as well as dining furniture, outdoor tables and dining chairs. 

The turned, cylindrical teak details are paired with voluminous cushions, the design a play hard and soft between the two. 

An outdoor setting, featuring the TIBBO Sofa, Lounge Chair, Coffee Tables and THE OTHERS outdoor lighting. 


The MBRACE collection was designed by Sebastian Herkner for DEDON. Combining the iconic outdoor weave with the warm teak base, it is displaying DEDON at its best. 

The sculptural form curves to embrace the lounger, quilted cushions providing the ultimate comfort. Available in a large range of both lounge and dining options, daybed, lounge chair, wing chair, rocking chair, dining table and outdoor chairs.  

Outdoor living at its finest. Enjoy a quiet moment in the MBRACE lounge chair and footstool, with refreshments on the MBRACE side table.



Sensible, durable yet playful and sculptural. The AIIR collection of outdoor chairs was designed by Gam Fratesi for DEDON, an amazingly lightweight design of injection-molded seating and sleek legs in teak. 

Easy to clean, easy to move and easy on the eyes - the AIIR is a contemporary take on the shell chair that will endure over time. 

Who knew garden furniture could look this good? AIIR armchairs sit around the Wa table, ready for a celebration.  


The LOON collection of outdoor lighting provides a gentle glow to any outdoor setting, LED lights encased in a polypropylene globe, these lanterns sit atop a tri-legged teak base. 

Designed by Sebastian Herkner for DEDON, these lights can be plugged in to charge in the wall, and produce 8 hours of glow. Outdoor lighting is essential for setting a mood, and creating ambience. Read more about setting the mood with outdoor lighting here. 

Loon Lanterns in two sizes, sitting with the Mbrace collection. Both collections in the outdoor setting were designed by leading designer Sebastian Herkner.  


Teak Maintenance

To retain the original golden hue of teak outdoor furniture, use DEDON teak oil at least twice a year. To clean the timber, use a DEDON cleaning agent at least once per year. We recommend twice a year, just before the Summer, and just before the Winter. To remove any rough grain and restore the timber to its smooth finish, lightly sand the surface.

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