The Art of Storage: Transforming Your Space With Sophisticated Cabinets

The Art of Storage: Transforming Your Space With Sophisticated Cabinets

Cabinets are often viewed as purely functional pieces of furniture designed to provide storage space. However, with the right design and placement, storage cabinets can also serve as stylish decorative elements in your home. In this article, we will explore the art of using storage cabinets to transform your living space into a sophisticated and organised haven.

Choosing The Right Cabinet For Your Space

When choosing storage furniture for your home, there are several factors to consider. 


The very first thing to consider is: What is the purpose of the cabinet? Is it intended as a drinks cabinet, a display case, or simply as a little extra storage to hide things away? Asking these questions first will help guide you in determining its suitability and style.


If you’re looking for a drinks cabinet, it is important to consider material, shelf heights and weight limits. When dealing with liquids, furniture materials like marble or timber can stain or mark, so think about where wet bottles or glassware may be placed. The Frame Living System by Kett has both closed and open storage, with a flat surface perfect for a bar station. With a non-porous ceramic surface, wet bottles and glassware can sit without marking the unit. If shelf height cannot be adjusted on your cabinet, measure your highest standard bottle that sits in your drink display, to ensure suitability. 
Frame Living System by Kett Frame Living System by Kett
With bar units, weight limits are also very important. In quantity, wine and liquor bottles are very heavy! If you choose a beautiful standalone unit and load it up, you need to be sure your unit is made to withstand this weight, or the unit could buckle under pressure. We recommend the Frame Living System, which uses internal frames to distribute weight evenly across a wall. 
Sen Cabinets by PotoccoSen Cabinet by Potocco

Is the primary purpose a display case? Consider glass-fronted display cabinets like the Sen rather than more opaque designs.

Is the cabinet intended for a little extra storage? Does it have enough shelves or drawers for your belongings? If you are adding it to a dining room setting, you may want drawers for extra cutlery and serving tools, but shelving for glassware and bowls. A perfect option for this is the Avant Cabinet. 

Avant Cabinet by PotoccoAvant Cabinet by Potocco
If adding storage to a guest room, simple shelving is perfect for quick and easy access to extra towels, bedding and space for your guest to store some belongings. We love the Otway Tallboy as it provides this, with a drawer at the bottom for shallower items like shoes. 

Otway Storage by Kett

Otway Tallboy by Kett


The third factor to consider is the cabinet's style. When choosing a cabinet, consider the overall aesthetic of the room. Cabinets with sleek lines and minimal decorative elements, such as the Avant, can add a contemporary touch, while cabinets with ornate details provide a classic look. 
Avant Cabinet by PotoccoAvant Sideboard by Potocco

The material finishes play a large role in the style and effect of your cabinet. Many of the cabinets in the Cosh Living collections are available in a range of beautiful finishes. The Sen, for example, can be done in charcoal-coloured timber and clear glass - perfect for monochrome, moody and masculine spaces. It can also be done in rich walnut and bronzed glass, perfect if you’re looking to add warmth to your living space. 

Decorating & Accessorising Your Cabinets

When it comes to styling a display cabinet, elegance and attention to detail are key. Begin by selecting a cohesive theme or colour palette that complements your existing decor. Consider arranging a combination of curated items, such as unique ceramics, ornate sculptures, or delicate glassware, to create visual interest. Vary the heights and shapes of the objects to add depth and dimension to the display. 
Don't be afraid to intersperse greenery or fresh flowers to infuse a touch of fresh, natural beauty and eye-catching pop of colour. Lastly, remember to periodically refresh the arrangement, allowing for a dynamic and ever-evolving display that reflects your personal style and captures the admiration of your guests.

Otway Console Table by KettOtway Console Table by Kett

Storage cabinets are an essential part of any home, providing much-needed storage space for a variety of items. With the right design and placement, storage cabinets can also serve as stylish decorative elements in your home, transforming your space in an aesthetic as well as practical sense. Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your living room or create a functional storage solution in your bedroom, the right storage cabinet can make all the difference.
With careful selection of the cabinet itself, proper positioning and placement and the ideal accessories, a storage cabinet can transform your home into an elegant and organised haven. 

Cosh Living offers a selection of storage furniture that is not only functional but also stylish and sophisticated. From sleek and modern designs to traditional and classic styles, we have a cabinet that will complement any room in your home. Speak to our experienced team for help finding the perfect cabinet for your space.

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